Dutch Frequently Asked Questions

About our Services

Who is Dutch?

Dutch is an online veterinary pet telehealth service, created by pet parents and board-certified veterinary specialists. Dutch uses a science-backed approach to provide our pets relief for their everyday problems. Dutch connects pet parents with veterinarians and partners with pharmacies who can deliver OTC and Rx products directly to your door (in applicable states only). Dutch is not a veterinary practice or pharmacy. Dutch is a company that helps facilitate these services for pet parents to make veterinary care more accessible to all.

Who is Dutch for?

Dutch is for dog and cat owners wanting a more cost effective and timely way to handle common pet issues. We eliminate the unnecessary vet visit as well as the stress related to getting your pet to the vet. The Dutch experience is designed to connect you with a vet via video call for general advice and recommended OTC product offerings. In certain states, vets may prescribe medication and therapeutics and our partner pharmacy will ship it right to your door.

What is included in a Dutch Membership?

All Dutch members have unlimited video chat access to licensed U.S. veterinarians. Additionally, in certain states our vets can prescribe medication for pets. Members receive specialized treatment plans for their pet that can include medications, therapeutics, and behavioral modification advice (or a combination of all 3). A Dutch membership also includes free shipping and free, unlimited follow-ups with Dutch-affiliated vets through messaging and video calls.

What is veterinary telemedicine?

Veterinary telemedicine involves the use of electronic communications to enable you to share medical information about your pet with a veterinarian in a different location for the purpose of enabling the provider to evaluate, diagnose, consult, and provide treatment for the pet. Veterinary telemedicine allows our providers to establish a veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR), much as they would during a traditional face-to-face appointment. This can be done synchronously using phone calls and video chats. It can also be done asynchronously via email, SMS (Text), and uploaded photos and videos. Dutch, in particular, connects patients to vets asynchronously and by telephone. As part of your pet’s evaluation, Dutch-affiliated vets may also request photos and videos of your pet in their home environment as part of their evaluation.

What are the benefits of veterinary telemedicine?

The benefits of veterinary telemedicine include improved access to veterinary medical services and care, including the expertise of specialists and consultants that may not otherwise be available to you and your pet. In some circumstances, veterinary telemedicine can increase efficiency in evaluations, diagnoses, consultations, and treatment.

What are the risks of veterinary telemedicine?

The potential risks associated with the use of veterinary telemedicine can include delays in veterinary medical evaluation and treatment due to equipment failures or information transmission deficiencies (such as poor image resolution); breach of privacy of personally identifiable information due to security breaches or failures; and adverse drug interactions, allergic reactions, complications, or other errors with respect to your pet due to your failure to provide complete medical information or records regarding your pet. Furthermore, in some situations, veterinary telemedicine is not an appropriate method of care. The Dutch-affiliated veterinarian may refer you to a local veterinarian if they determine an in-person visit will be in the best interest of your pet.

Can I use Dutch for a pet health emergency?

No. Dutch is intended for non-emergency use only. If your pet is in an urgent or life threatening condition, we recommend you seek in-person emergency veterinary care immediately.

What states does Dutch service?

As a Dutch member you can chat directly with a vet in all 50 states and access our OTC products.

If you are seeking prescription medication we currently offer telemedicine services in the following states:

Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Virginia, and Washington.

We will continue to service additional states in the coming months — stay tuned!

Why isn't Dutch available in my state?

In order to prescribe medicine, a veterinarian has to be licensed in the state where you and your pet are located. This means Dutch is only available in the states where Dutch-affiliated veterinarians are licensed. We're continuing to add more states rapidly, so stay tuned! Further, some states do not allow veterinarians to treat pets without an in-person visit. We are not operating in these states.

Do I need a pet prescription to see a Dutch-affiliated veterinarian?

No. A Dutch-affiliated vet will perform an evaluation on your pet and write a prescription for your pet if they deem it safe and appropriate.

Is Dutch a subscription service?

Dutch is a monthly pet health membership service that includes unlimited access to a Dutch-affiliated vet, and a combination of therapeutics, behavior training programs and medication (provided through our partner pharmacies), depending on your pet. All memberships can be paused or cancelled at any time.

Is veterinary telemedicine legal?

Some states do allow veterinarians to form a veterinary-client-patient-relationship (VCPR) remotely. Dutch has built telemedicine technologies to enable veterinarians to take care of pets remotely in connection with anxiety and dermatology. The vet you work with will be licensed in the state where you are located and will provide care in accordance with state law.

Does Dutch need to examine my pet in person to prescribe them an appropriate treatment plan?

Not necessarily. The initial visit with the Dutch-affiliated vet requires you to send answers to a variety of questions and upload photos of your pet. Once the Dutch-affiliated vet has reviewed them, they will get in touch with you through a secure messaging portal with any follow-up questions. If the vet determines that your pet is an appropriate candidate for receiving telehealth treatment, they will then proceed with prescribing a treatment plan. If not, they may recommend that you bring your pet to a local vet.

Does Dutch accept pet insurance?

Not at this time. Our pricing is designed to offer a complementary option to in-person care. However, because Dutch has negotiated discounts with vets and pharmacies to provide these specialized treatments, we believe you will find treatment affordable without insurance.

What conditions does Dutch offer treatment for?

We offer OTC supplements for a variety of issues commonly seen in dogs and cats - everything from upset stomach, flea and tick, ear infections and behavioral issues. We currently prescribe Rx treatments for dogs and cats suffering from anxiety and allergies. Our vets create treatment plans blending behavior modification and medication. We strongly recommend that each pet parent maintain a relationship with a local vet for all of their pet’s other medical needs. We are also happy to share your pet’s medical record with your local veterinarian.

What is a visit with Dutch like?

There are multiple options to be seen by a veterinarian on Dutch:

Unlimited Vet Chat: You can schedule a video call with a licensed U.S. vet to discuss your dog or cat's ailments. Dutch-affiliated vets will provide advice and recommended OTC product offerings when appropriate to help your pet find relief.

Health Assessment: For pet parents seeking relief for their dog or cat's anxiety or allergies, they will be asked to complete a Health Assessment in their Dutch account portal. This consists of answering a series of questions about your pet and their health and uploading photos of your pet for our vets to review. Once submitted, a Dutch-affiliated vet licensed in your state will follow-up with you in 1-2 business days with their initial thoughts and potential follow-up questions. Certain states will require a video call. The vet will then also issue a recommended treatment plan and be available to answer any questions you may have.

Can you send electronic health records to my vet?

Yes, our Dutch-affiliated veterinarians can transfer records electronically as long as we have your vet’s information.

What if I have more than one pet?

We want to ensure your entire pet family is healthy so up to 5 pets are included in the price of your membership!

Account and Billing

Who do I contact if I have issues with my Dutch account, subscription or billing?

Please reach out to care@dutchpet.com and we'll get back to you within 1 business day. You can also manage your account directly by logging in with your Dutch account at https://www.dutch.com/account

How do I pause or cancel orders?

Log in to https://www.dutch.com/account to manage your plan. Please note that once an order is processing at our pharmacy you cannot change your plan. That being said, you can always reach out to care@dutchpet.com for assistance. If needed, we can put you in touch with a Dutch-affiliated vet for a follow-up consultation.

What happens if I move or change addresses after my consultation?

If you move to a state that we are licensed in, you will be able to continue to seek treatment from a Dutch-affiliated physician who is licensed in that state. If your new address is in a state that we are not yet operating in, we will have to pause your treatment until we are active in that state and have a licensed vet who can treat your pet.

Can I delay an order?

Yes, you can delay orders by logging into  https://www.dutch.com/account any time before an order has shipped from our pharmacy.

When am I charged for the treatment?

All visits are risk-free and you will only be charged if one of our vets approves your pet for treatment. We will collect card information as part of the initial consultation so that, if approved, we can send out your order ASAP. If you are not approved there will be no charges to your card.

When am I charged for medications?

You will be asked to approve any medications that the vet recommends for your pet.  Only upon approval will you be charged for these medications.

Can I receive a refund?

All sales and payments are final and are not eligible for refunds. If you'd like to discuss your order please reach out to care@dutch.com and we'd be happy to help.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Go to the Dutch login page and hit the forgot password link. Then head to your email where you'll receive an email with instructions to reset your password.


What happens after I have completed my Health Assessment?

One of our affiliated vets will review your answers and decide if treatment through Dutch is appropriate for your pet. In certain states they will schedule a video call with you per state regulations. Vets typically take 1-2 business days to notify you of a decision and recommendation.

How much does a Dutch consultation cost?

All monthly memberships begin at $15 per month - this includes unlimited access to video calls with vets and unlimited messaging for all of your pets. Medications and OTC products are price a la carte.

How do I show my pet to your vets? Can I upload a photo or video?

During a video call with a vet you can show your pet directly via your phone or web cam. As part of the Health Assessment for allergies and anxiety, you will upload photos of your pet so that our affiliated vets can treat them accordingly!

Medication and Pharmacy

Where does Dutch source its medications from?

Dutch is not a pharmacy and does not sell any prescription medications. Instead, Dutch partners with mail-order pharmacies who are able to ship your pet’s medications right to your door.

Can I use any pharmacy to fulfill my medication?

Yes. You have the right to receive a copy of your pet’s prescription and can fill it at the pharmacy of your choice. However, by utilizing Dutch’s partner pharmacy you can gain access to discounts and get medication delivered directly to your door. If you would like to use a non-affiliated pharmacy, please email the details of your preferred pharmacy to care@dutchpet.com.

Does Dutch prescribe medication?

Dutch does not provide veterinary medical services or pharmacy services, so it does not prescribe medication or fill medication orders. Dutch is a telehealth platform that connects pet parents with Dutch-affiliated, but independent veterinarians. Should the vet deem treatment to be appropriate, they will prescribe medication. Dutch will facilitate the transfer of the prescription(s) to a partner pharmacy who will then fulfill and deliver the medication directly to the pet parent, or provide the prescription to the pet parent to be filled at their pharmacy of choice.

What if my initial treatment plan doesn't work?

While it would be great if every animal responded the same way to each treatment, it is not uncommon to need to alter our treatment plan for each pet's unique needs and genetic makeup. All follow-up consultations are included in a Dutch membership so we can find the right treatment combination for your pet and make adjustments as needed over time.

Who do I get in touch with if I have a question about my medication?

If prescribed, you can access a Dutch-affiliated vet anytime bu going to your Dutch account to discuss your treatment plan. Additionally our pharmacy can be reached at 1-800-748-7001 or by mailing Health Warehouse, 7107 Industrial Rd, Florence, KY 41042

Orders and Shipping

How quickly will my order ship?

Once your treatment plan has been approved by your vet, your order will ship within 1-2 business days. The pharmacy sends all orders via USPS Ground so it will take an additional 2-5 business days to arrive.

My coupon didn't work, what do I do?

If you tried to use a promotion code or coupon for your first order and it didn't apply, don't worry — we're happy to help. Just reach out to care@dutch.com and we'll make it right.

When will I receive my order?

The pharmacy sends all orders via USPS Ground so you can expect your order to arrive 2-5 business days after you have received your tracking email.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

No. Standard ground shipping is included as part of your Dutch membership!

Can I return my shipment?

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns of prescription products for reuse or resale and all sales are final. Feel free to reach out to us at care@dutch.com if you want to discuss your order with us!

My order was lost, damaged or missing something. What do I do?

If your order has not arrived within 5-7 business days from the day you received your tracking number, or if your order arrived but was damaged or missing an item, please reach out and let us know. Our team will do everything we can to track down your products or work with our partner pharmacy to get a replacement out to you ASAP!


How much will it cost for Dutch to treat my pet?

The Dutch membership starts at $15 per month for unlimited access to the vet. No more long waits for appointments or surprise bills.

In addition to the base membership plan, our veterinarians may also recommend additional medication (Rx and/or OTC) that you will have the option of adding to your plan at an additional cost.

How much does it cost to follow-up with a Dutch-affiliated vet?

Nothing. Follow-up consultations with a Dutch-affiliated vet are included in your monthly membership — there are no additional fees!

How often will I be billed?

Our membership plans are billed on either a monthly basis or you can save 40% by selecting an annual plan.  Treatment plans are billed on a monthly basis. You can manage your membership at any time by going to your Dutch account.

Safety and Privacy

Is telehealth a safe way for my pet to receive treatment?

Telehealth can be a safe and effective means for treating certain conditions in our pets. Due to the negative reaction and stress some pets encounter with trips to a traditional vet office, telehealth can be a helpful alternative. However, due to the limitations of virtual care, telehealth cannot replace your local veterinarian.

Where do you store your medications?

Our partner pharmacy, that has been accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy© (NABP©), is licensed and accredited with all 50 State Boards of Pharmacy, and is LegitScript certified, stores the medication.

If my pet experiences side effects, who should I contact?

With every treatment plan and medication prescribed, your Dutch-affiliated vet will provide a thorough list of benefits and discuss any potential side effects.

Treatment and Side Effects

What happens if my pet experiences a bad reaction from the medication?

If it is an emergency, you should immediately take your pet to an emergency veterinary clinic. Otherwise, you can follow up with your Dutch-affiliated vet by sending a message via your Dutch account portal.

Does every pet get the same treatment?

No, our Dutch-affiliated vets will examine each pet on a case by case basis and provide a tailored recommendation combining therapeutics, medication, and behavior therapy based on their health and the information provided during the visit.

How does Dutch pet anxiety treatment work?

Based on the results of the online consultation and the diagnosis made, the Dutch-affiliated veterinarian will recommend certain medications and behavior modifications to improve the mental health of your pet. The goal is to calm the fearful, anxious, or stressed brain in the short-term with medications and to create lasting change with behavior and environmental enrichment.

How does Dutch pet allergy treatment work?

Based on the results of the online consultation and the diagnosis made, the Dutch-affiliated veterinarian will recommend certain medications and therapies to stop the itch and improve the overall health of the skin. The goal is to prevent further trauma to the skin in the short term by allowing it to heal, then preventing itch in the long term by getting to the root cause of the problem that is driving the itch response.

How effective are your medications? How long will it take before I see results?

The medications Dutch-affiliated vets may recommend for your pet are chosen based on the best available science and recommendations by experts in the field. Depending on the condition and medication chosen, results can be seen within 24 hours for some therapies and up to 4-6 weeks for others.

What is the best way to administer medication to my pet?

All therapies administered should be done in a positive manner to reinforce that this is good for them and not a punishment. Some pills are flavored which makes treatment easier. If not flavored, many pills and capsules can be hidden in various treats that many pets will readily accept.

If you are struggling to give your pet the prescribed medication, reach out for a follow-up consultation with your vet to see if there is an alternative treatment that can be prescribed.

My pet is experiencing diarrhea, what should I do?

Diarrhea can occur as the result of some treatments. If this occurs soon after using the prescribed medication, please consult your treatment plan for recommendations and reach out to your Dutch-affiliated vet and we'll get back to you within 1 business day.

My pet has lost their appetite, what should I do?

Loss of appetite can occur as the result of some treatments. If this occurs soon after using the prescribed medication, please consult your treatment plan for recommendations and reach out to your Dutch-affiliated vet and we'll get back to you within 1 business day.


Do real, licensed vet's review my pet's situation and prescribe a treatment plan for my dog or cat?

Yes, all affiliated vets are licensed to practice in your state. Some even have their own practices outside of their affiliation with Dutch where they provide primary care to pets in person!

Do I have to tell my regular vet about the services I receive through Dutch?

It's entirely up to you! But, it is always beneficial for your primary vet to know about all treatment that your pet is receiving and medications they may be taking. The Dutch-affiliated vet will always keep a record of your pet's medical history and visits and can give you that information at any time for you or your vet to review.

How am I matched with a vet?

We work with U.S. licensed vets around the country and you will be paired with those who best align with your preferred scheduled video call time. If you are seeking a prescription for anxiety or allergies, Dutch will match your locations with one of our Dutch-affiliated vets licensed in your state.

Where are your veterinarians located?

We work with licensed vets in every state that we operate in. For example, if you're based in New York, a New York-licensed vet will provide your pet's care.

What is the relationship between Dutch Pet, Inc. and the Dutch-affiliated vets?

In some states, Margot Health, P.C. is a veterinary practice that employs or engages veterinarians to provide professional services for customers of the Dutch Pet, Inc. platform. Dutch Pet, Inc. provides administrative and other non-clinical services for Margot Health, P.C. All veterinary services provided to your pets are the sole responsibility of Margot Health, P.C. In other states, Dutch is affiliated with independent veterinarians who have agreed to be available to provide services to customers of Dutch Pet, Inc. In all cases, the veterinarian is solely in charge of assessing whether or not your pet is a good fit for care and treatment via telemedicine.

Who helped develop the concept of the treatment plans?

Our treatment plans have been validated and are overseen by board-certified specialists in the field. Each treatment plan is customized for the individual pet by a vet licensed in the state where the pet parent is located.

How quickly can I expect to hear back from my vet after my initial consultation?

Vets typically reply within 1-2 business days.

Can I ask the vet about non-covered problems?

A Dutch membership allows you to ask questions about the condition your pet is signed up for. As we are not a primary veterinary care facility, the affiliated vet cannot answer questions outside of the treatment of your pet’s anxiety or dermatology problem. The vet will suggest you take your pet to see a veterinarian in person.

How do I get in touch with a Dutch-affiliated vet?

For those states requiring video, once you have signed up for a membership you will be prompted to schedule a video call with a vet. For all other states (NY, PA, MI, IN, ID, S.D., VA), you can message your vet anytime through your membership messaging portal.

Is Dutch a replacement for a local vet hospital?

No. Dutch is a complementary service for specific pet health conditions and we encourage you to continue your relationship with your current vet for all other purposes including yearly exams, shots, and urgent care.

How often do I have to follow-up with my vet?

We encourage you to reach out to your vet whenever suits you. Dutch-affiliated vets will automatically check-in on your treatment plan 2 weeks after your initial visit and monthly thereafter.

I am a veterinarian, how do I join Dutch?

We are always interested in talking to licensed veterinarians! If you have a valid veterinary license, DEA license and are able to treat pets in one (or more) of our active states, we'd love to hear from you. Please email careers@dutch.com to start a conversation.