Cat Urinalysis Wellness Kit (UA with sedimentation analysis and UPCR) - Sand

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Did you know that AAHA, The American Animal Hospital Association recommends that mature cats have their urine tested every year, and twice a year for senior cats?

Home urine test strips do not provide the necessary accuracy for disease screening. They only identify the presence of bacteria in urine correctly 25% of the time. Home test strips also cannot identify many early signs of kidney disease or other urinary tract issues, which occur in over 50% of senior cats.

The only way to accurately screen for urinary tract issues is with a complete urinalysis run by professionals using state-of-the-art laboratory instruments. Monitor your senior cat's kidney health by checking their urine every 6 months or when you notice any health issues.

It’s easy to use FetchDx.

  • Collect your sample at home
  • Register your kit at
  • Send your sample back to us with your pre-paid shipping label.

In less than 24 hours, you and your veterinarian will get the results via email and can be confident that you are putting your pet's health first! Just click on the chat button in the bottom right had corner of the screen.

The FetchDx Urinalysis Test includes Quantitative Protein, Quantitative Creatinine, UPCR, Specific Gravity, pH, Glucose, Ketones, Urobilinogen, Bilirubin, and microscopic analysis for White Blood Cell Count, Red Blood Cell Count, Bacteria Count, EPI Cells, Mucus, Casts, and Crystals.

Each Kit includes Instructions, 2 pounds of Non-Absorbent Sand, a Litter Box Liner, Eye Dropper, Sterile Collection Cups, Sample Tube, Gloves, Ziplock Bag, Box with 2-Day FedEx Return Shipping Label.

The Wellness Kit does NOT include the Reflex Culture and Sensitivity Test.

Identify issues in your cats health, before there is an emergency! Cats hide their health issues. They are very difficult to notice until it is too late. FetchDx Urinalysis kits are good for 3 years. Purchase one or more today and test regularly to catch issues early!

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