Revolution Flea Treatment

When it comes to ensuring the health and comfort of your pets, Revolution stands out as a trusted brand offering comprehensive flea protection. Revolution for Cats and Revolution for Dogs are topical medications specifically tailored to treat cat and dog fleas efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does Revolution flea treatment work?

Revolution flea treatment offers a comprehensive approach to treating fleas on cats and dogs, ensuring that pets are not only free from current infestations but also protected from future ones. Revolution is known for its quick action against fleas. After application, it gets to work rapidly. You can expect fleas to start dying within just a few hours. Within 36 hours, the majority of the fleas present on your pet should be eliminated.

Why is Revolution flea treatment prescription-only?

Revolution flea treatment for cats and dogs contains active ingredients that not only target fleas but also other parasites like ticks, mites, and heartworms. Due to its broad-spectrum nature and the potency of its ingredients, it's essential to ensure that the treatment is suitable for your pet's health, age, and weight. Therefore, you must get a prescription for your pet before use.

Do fleas have to bite for Revolution to work?

Fleas don't need to bite for Revolution to work effectively. Once Revolution is administered, it gets absorbed into the pet's bloodstream. When fleas come in contact with the treated pet's skin or bite the pet, they ingest the medication. 

The active ingredient in Revolution then acts to kill the fleas, preventing them from laying eggs and disrupting their lifecycle. Revolution ensures quick and effective relief from flea infestations.

Can fleas lay eggs after Revolution flea treatment?

Revolution disrupts the flea life cycle, ensuring that adult fleas are killed before they can lay eggs. This proactive approach addresses the immediate concern of adult fleas and targets the next generation by preventing egg-laying. By doing so, the likelihood of reinfestations significantly decreases, providing long-term protection for your pet. 

Using Revolution regularly, as recommended by a veterinarian, can create a consistent barrier against fleas, further diminishing their chances of establishing a foothold on your pet and in your home.

Can fleas spread to humans?

Yes, while fleas prefer animal hosts, they can and do bite humans. When a pet is infested with fleas, these pests can spread within the household, biting humans and causing itchiness and discomfort. This is why it's crucial to treat dog fleas promptly. Additionally, if one pet in a household has fleas, it's recommended to treat all pets simultaneously to ensure complete eradication. Not doing so can result in a continuous cycle of reinfestation.

Is Revolution flea treatment right for my pet?

Revolution has proven effective for many pets, but every animal is unique. If you're considering this treatment option, try Dutch. Our team of licensed veterinary professionals can provide personalized recommendations and ensure that your pet receives the most suitable care.