Cat Dental Care

A good cat dental care routine is crucial for total body health. Browse our online pet pharmacy to find the best cat dental care products to keep your cat’s teeth clean and fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take care of my cat’s dental health at home?

The best way to care for your cat’s dental health is to brush their teeth every day. Brushing your cat’s teeth removes harmful plaque before it hardens to tartar, keeping their teeth bacteria-free and breath fresh. 

There are many different types of cat toothbrushes available, including finger brushes and dual-ended brushes for easier access if you prefer not to stick your finger in your cat’s mouth. Pair your cat’s toothbrush with toothpaste flavored with your cat’s favorite treat, like poultry, to entice them to open wide. 

Dental care for cats can be challenging. Most cats need to be trained to tolerate having their teeth brushed, but there’s no substitute for brushing. However, there are ways to supplement your cat’s dental health routine, such as:

How often should I brush my cat’s teeth?

You should aim to brush your cat’s teeth every day to eliminate plaque and prevent tartar buildup that can lead to gum disease. Unfortunately, dental care for cats isn’t always easy. Cats can be finicky. One day, they might let you brush their teeth; the next, they’ll hide or squirm away from their toothbrush. 

You may not be able to brush your cat’s teeth every day, but you should at least try to brush their teeth at least three times per week to remove plaque and prevent periodontal disease.

Can I use human toothpaste on my cat’s teeth?

No, you should never use human toothpaste on your cat’s teeth. Human toothpaste may contain ingredients harmful to cats, such as xylitol, a known poison to cats and dogs. Human toothpaste may also contain fluoride or peppermint, which can be poisonous to cats when ingested. 

Instead, use specially formulated toothpaste for cats like C.E.T. Enzymatic Dog & Cat Poultry Flavor Toothpaste, designed to be safe to swallow while reducing plaque.

How do I clean my cat’s teeth without brushing them?

Some cat parents can never use a toothbrush with their cat, but there are ways to clean their teeth without actually brushing them.

Oral cleansing wipes use a zinc formulation to help clean your cat’s teeth without bristles. Instead, gently wipe your cat’s teeth to remove plaque and odor-causing bacteria.

Do dental treats work for cats?

There is no substitute for brushing your cat’s teeth every day. However, you can supplement your cat’s dental health routine with dental treats like C.E.T. VeggieDent Fr3sh Tartar Control Chews and Purina Crunchy treats, designed to freshen breath while promoting a healthy digestive system. 

Dental treats are designed to remove plaque when chewed and contain ingredients that freshen breath. However, not all cat dental treats are created equal. Always look for the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) seal on your cat’s dental treats to ensure they’re safe and effective.

What are the best dental care products for cats?

A comprehensive cat dental health routine is crucial for their overall health and wellness, and it makes their kisses fresher! One product every cat needs is a toothbrush like this C.E.T. Dual Ended Dog & Cat Toothbrush, designed to make brushing your cat’s teeth easier. This toothbrush features a long handle with a reverse angle for easy application and a tapered end to conform to your cat’s teeth. 

Your cat should also have toothpaste formulated especially for them, with a flavor that makes them want to get their teeth brushed every day. The better the toothpaste tastes, the easier brushing your cat’s teeth will be. 

And for days you can’t brush your cat’s teeth, consider giving them a dental treat or water additives designed to support a healthier mouth. But remember, there’s no substitute for brushing your cat’s teeth. 

Worried about your cat’s dental health? Try Dutch today. Our experienced vets can teach you everything you need to know about cat dental health and help you find the right products.