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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get cat medicine online?

Yes, you can order cat medicine from a cat pharmacy online. With Dutch's online cat pharmacy, you no longer have to wonder where to buy cat medicine or wait to get it from your in-person vet. Instead, you can get prescriptions delivered directly to you by signing up for Dutch.

Our licensed vets can diagnose a variety of health concerns and customize your cat’s treatment plan, which may include a prescription for medications. With a Dutch membership, prescription and non-prescription treatments can be delivered right to your door with free shipping.

What is an online cat pharmacy?

An online cat pharmacy is a retail shop that allows you to purchase cat meds online. An online pet pharmacy also sells non-prescription items like cat food, shampoo, dental health products, and more. However, the primary purpose of an online cat pharmacy is to have your prescriptions filled without having to visit your brick-and-mortar pharmacy. 

Try Dutch today to speak to a vet and have your pet's prescriptions delivered right to your door.

Do I need a prescription from my veterinarian to buy medications for my cat online?

Yes, you need a prescription from a vet to purchase cat prescriptions online. Dutch streamlines the process. Instead of visiting an in-person vet, you can schedule a telemedicine appointment with one of our vets to have them diagnose and treat your pet. For instance, if your vet determines your cat has fleas, they'll provide you with an online cat prescription which you can use to purchase flea medicine for cats directly from our pharmacy. 

What kinds of cat meds can I purchase online?

You can purchase several types of cat meds online using our pet pharmacy. For instance, you can treat your cat's anxiety using prescription and non-prescription anxiety medicine for cats, along with prescriptions for allergies, ears, vomiting, diarrhea, flea, and UTIs. 

You'll also find non-prescription cat care products like food, treats, dental care products, and ear cleaners. However, we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our vets before purchasing a non-prescription product to get the best advice possible. 

Is it safe to purchase my cat's medication from an online pharmacy?

Yes, buying cat medication online from a legitimate pharmacy like Dutch is completely safe. Our products are safe and prescribed by vets licensed in your state. 

Where do I pick up my cat's medications?

With Dutch's online cat pharmacy, you don't have to pick up your cat's medications at a pharmacy. Instead, you'll order your cat's prescription online. Then, we'll send it to our mail-order pharmacy partner, who will ship it directly to your door. 

If you choose, you can have your prescription filled by a pharmacy of your choice. However, since the process isn't automated, it can take longer for pets to receive their prescriptions.

How long does it take for the medications to be delivered?

How long it takes medications to be delivered primarily depends on your location. Your orders are fulfilled by our partner and can take 1-2 days to process and another 1-5 days for delivery.

Can I set up automatic refills for my cat's medications?

Depending on your cat's medication, you may be able to get automatic refills. However, it ultimately depends on your vet's prescription. If you ever need a refill, you can contact our vets directly via direct messaging or set up a video appointment to discuss your pet's needs. 

Is it cheaper to buy cat medications online?

In some cases, it can be cheaper to purchase cat medications online because you can compare offers from multiple online cat pharmacies. However, Dutch's price-match guarantee ensures that our prices are competitive.

 In addition, with the services you receive with a Dutch membership, there's no comparison. 

While prescriptions aren't covered in the cost of membership, membership includes free, convenient shipping right to your door and unlimited free follow-up visits to discuss your pet's medication needs with one of our vets.

Can I contact a veterinary professional virtually for guidance or advice?

Yes, you can contact a Dutch vet through online messaging and by setting up a virtual appointment. A Dutch membership covers up to 5 pets and unlimited follow-up messaging and video calls.