Feliway is a go-to solution for many cat owners, offering a non-invasive and effective way to address anxiety and behavioral challenges in their feline friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Feliway used for?

Feliway is primarily used to treat cat anxiety and behavioral issues. Whether it's due to changes in the environment, unfamiliar visitors, or other stressors, Feliway for cats acts as a solution to help soothe and calm anxious felines. It also reduces unwanted behaviors such as scratching, spraying, and hiding. 

Using pheromone technology, Feliway aims to recreate the natural signals that cats use to communicate comfort and security, providing them with a familiar scent in unfamiliar circumstances. This can be especially vital in multi-cat households, during travel, or when introducing a cat to a new environment.

How does Feliway work?

Feliway mimics the natural feline facial pheromones that cats use to mark their territory as safe and secure. When introduced to this synthetic pheromone via products like the Feliway Classic Kit (Diffuser) or the Feliway Optimum Enhanced Calming 30-Day Calming Diffuser for Cats, cats may feel more at ease, reducing their likelihood of exhibiting stress-related behaviors. It's a natural way to communicate comfort to your cat.

Is Feliway safe for dogs?

While Feliway is designed and formulated explicitly for feline use, it’s not harmful to dogs. Feliway for dogs won’t have the same effect it will on cats because of the specific pheromones used. If you're looking for a similar solution tailored for canines, consider ThunderEase for Dogs. This product offers the same pheromone-based approach to treat anxiety in dogs.

What is better, Feliway spray or diffuser?

The choice between Feliway Travel Spray and the diffuser depends largely on your cat's needs and the specific scenarios you're addressing. The spray is portable and ideal for on-the-go scenarios, such as vet visits and travel, while the diffuser provides consistent calming in a particular room or space. Both have their unique advantages. 

To decide which one is best for your situation, it's a good idea to talk to a vet about your cat’s behavior and any future plans you might have, including travel. 

What are the symptoms of anxiety in cats?

Cat anxiety can manifest in various ways. Common symptoms include hiding, aggressive behavior, excessive meowing, overgrooming, and eliminating outside the litter box. Additionally, changes in appetite, destructive behaviors, and increased lethargy can indicate stress or anxiety in cats. Recognizing these symptoms early can help in addressing the root causes and ensuring your feline friend remains happy and healthy.

Is Feliway right for my cat?

Every cat is unique, with their own set of needs and preferences. While many felines benefit immensely from Feliway, it's always best to consult a professional to determine the most suitable solution for your pet. Cats that experience severe anxiety may benefit from other treatments. You can get prescriptions for your pet delivered to your door with a Dutch membership. 

If you're contemplating using Feliway for your cat, try Dutch. Our licensed vets can offer personalized advice, ensuring your cat gets the best care possible.