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When it comes to your pet, you want to make sure they're in the best hands. So take a look at what real pet parents have to say about Dutch.


  • Dutch was great

    From the customer service to the knowledgeable veterinarians, we had a great experience. I found it really convenient to be able to contact a vet from home as opposed to waiting for a visit which can sometimes take a while to get. Response times were great, delivery was speedy. I’m a fan.

    Tommy W.

    Verified Dutch member
  • Fast help and continued care for one price!

    Everyone here has been so helpful, and I honestly think the price is well worth it for my pets. The veterinarians I've worked with are readily available, and I can get an appointment often within a few hours.

    Alyx C.

    Verified Dutch member
  • 100% recommend Dutch

    Dutch has completely transformed my dog. I receive quick responses when I need to check in with the vet and the medication is shipped timely … Awesome company!!!!

    Kristen O.

    Verified Dutch member
  • The service is a brilliant idea

    It’s affordable and easy to get an appointment. The vet I spoke to was very helpful and knowledgeable.

    Mariah M.

    Verified Dutch member
  • Time and Life Saver!

    This saved me so much time! And they helped my cat with her eye infection. Was able to get her meds, now she's a happy kitty.

    Will Y.

    Verified Dutch member
  • Exceptional service at a great price

    Exceptional service at a great price! My dog had a nose bleed issue we couldn't solve. The biopsy from our regular vet came up negative and they couldn't find anything in the nose scope (cost me more than $1000 for all that...).

    Not knowing what to do next, we tried Dutch and got an appointment within just a few hours. The Dutch vet recommended some basic antibiotics and a blood clotting med. Fast forward 5 days and our pup is feeling much better. No more nose bleeds! Thanks for figuring it out and taking great care of our pup!

    Hunter M.

    Verified Dutch member

    My 16 yr. old cat was in need of immediate help with what we are treating as an allergy. All of the vet clinics were booked for 3-4 weeks so I searched for telemed for vets, Dutch was the only site that would diagnose and prescribe meds as well as ship the meds! I had an appointment within 2 hrs of signing into Dutch … What a relief to see a vet and no painful drive to the vet's office. Very reasonably priced!

    Mo D.

    Verified Dutch member
  • Love Dutch

    Vet was very friendly, and knowledgeable. She was able to address the problem and prescribed the medication/treatment. I love that it’s hassle free as my dog doesn’t do great in the car. I can simply login, get an appointment and get my medication shipped to me for free. Great costomer service as well.

    Zeinab R.

    Verified Dutch member
  • Love it!

    My dog has a skin infection on his belly. My vet said they couldn't see him until next week. I logged onto Dutch, spoke with a vet right away, and they already have antibiotics and a shampoo on the way.

    Dave S.

    Verified Dutch member
  • Worth it. Easy to get appointment.

    Vet was wonderful. Thorough, knowledgeable and very kind. Was worried about how long it would take to get meds but it didn’t take too long. Definitely a great experience and will continue to utilize.

    Amy A.

    Verified Dutch member
  • It is so convenient to use…

    My kitties don’t have to be stressed out by physically taking them to a vet’s office. The vets are very knowledgeable and able to help with so many issues.

    Shannon P.

    Verified Dutch member
  • The perfect solution for our anxious pup

    Dutch made it seamless for us to connect with a vet to help treat our pup's anxiety without the stress of going into a vets office. Felt we received better attention to our pets needs because we weren't rushing to get in and out to calm our dog.

    Ashley H.

    Verified Dutch member
  • Works great!

    We use it for our cat who was attacking our other cats, but using this we can all live together.

    Grayson T.

    Verified Dutch member
  • SO HELPFUL! Got exactly what I needed. Thank you!

    Dutch provided me with SUCH A GREAT SUPPORT for my dog. My dog really struggles with travel anxiety to the point that it makes him so sick. The vet I spoke with was so responsive, helpful, understanding and kind. I got the medication in a timely manner and it has helped my dog so much. Thank you Dutch! I really needed this company and had such a great experience. Will be a repeat customer.

    Felicia A.

    Verified Dutch member
  • Totally worth it!

    Doctor was so friendly and even followed up to ensure the meds were working ok. My kitty is 14yrs old and now I can spare her the stress of carriers.

    Rebecca K.

    Verified Dutch member
  • Loved the peace of mind

    Loved the peace of mind, calmness, and expertise – in addition to the convenience of a call from home – in understanding how we could help our pup Mac with his motion sickness. The vet was so knowledgeable and empathetic, taking the time to provide more education and lay out our options. Would 10/10 recommend!

    Kelly F.

    Verified Dutch member
  • The calm is real!

    My dog has always struggled with anxiety since I got him as a 1 year old. He’s the sweetest boy but is terrified of strangers and other dogs. Since dealing with Dutch and their amazing vets, he’s on a regimen that works amazing! He’s calm in the car and while guests are over and you can see the stress just melt off of him. Highly recommend Dutch!

    Morgan T.

    Verified Dutch member
  • I love this service

    My cat Bella does not like going in the car and this is so convenient. The vet was very nice and helpful. Bella is much better now with the treatments. Thank you Dutch.com.

    Amy B.

    Verified Dutch member
  • Great over all experience

    This is such a great option for my rescue, who gets incredibly anxious and car sick. Love the telehealth! When I had an issue, they responded to my email same day, then actually called to follow up. They were kind, gracious, and genuine - really affirmed my trust in treatment.

    They gave my sweetest, baddest, Leeroy Brown a new life. Everyone says how incredible the change is- my bad boy knows what's up...he was just too anxious after a hard start in life. He's an amazing dog, and this service gave me the chance to show that to the world.

    Dana C.

    Verified Dutch member
  • Excellent service

    Vet was very good and listened to my concerns even after my video would not work. He gave us the exact meds my dog needed. Appointment was Tues and meds were at our house saturday! My dogs ear and skin condition are already improving. Thank you!

    Amanda K.

    Verified Dutch member
  • Efficient and knowledgeable

    Very knowledgeable. They get right back to you. My cat is doing a lot better thank you.

    Tyler P.

    Verified Dutch member
  • It was an extremely easy way to have my…

    It was an extremely easy way to have my nervous dog seen by a vet.

    Heather M.

    Verified Dutch member

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