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Causes and treatment for cat diarrhea

Learn why cats get upset stomachs and what to do about it.

Eating something they shouldn’t

If your cat ate something inappropriate, they may experience symptoms like diarrhea, stomach discomfort, vomiting, fatigue, and lack of appetite. It can also lead to pancreatitis. Our online vets can help guide you on what to do.

Diet changes

Switched your cat to a new brand or type of food? This can lead to watery or loose, shapeless stools — especially if you made the change abruptly. You may need to go back to the old food before gradually introducing your feline friend to their new diet.

Food intolerance or allergies

Some cats have food sensitivities or allergies, leading to recurrent diarrhea, as well as skin or ear problems. For example, fish, beef, milk, and gluten are difficult for some cats to digest. If you changed your cat’s diet and they don’t adjust to it, they may be sensitive or allergic to one of the ingredients.

Infections and parasites

Bacterial infections, like E. coli or salmonella, can cause bloody diarrhea. Raw or undercooked meat is often the culprit, but wet and dry cat food as well as treats could also be the source. If you think your cat may have a bacterial infection, go to a vet as soon as possible. Viral infections and parasites, such as intestinal worms, giardia, and coccidia, can also cause runny cat poop. Our online vets may be able to prescribe cat dewormers if that’s suspected to be the cause.

Other health conditions

There are a number of diseases that can cause cat diarrhea, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), colitis, pancreatic disease, hyperthyroidism, liver disease, and cancer. Stress or anxiety may also cause litter box troubles.

Medicine & treatments for cat diarrhea

If your cat is dealing with gastrointestinal issues, we’re here to help. One of our licensed vets can consult with you over video to evaluate your cat’s upset stomach and determine the next steps, which may include prescribing medication that we ship to you at no cost or recommending you go to an in-person veterinarian, if needed.

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Help your cat live a healthier, happier life with expert vet care — wherever you are. With Dutch, you can connect with a licensed veterinarian online anytime and have prescription and over-the-counter medication shipped free to your door.

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Frequently asked questions

What is included in a Dutch membership?

All Dutch members have unlimited video chat access to licensed U.S. veterinarians. Additionally, in certain states our vets can prescribe medication for pets. Members receive specialized treatment plans for their pet that can include medications, therapeutics, and behavioral modification advice (or a combination of all 3). A Dutch membership also includes free shipping and free, unlimited follow-ups with Dutch-affiliated vets through messaging and video calls.

Who is Dutch for?

Dutch is for dog and cat owners wanting a more cost effective and timely way to handle common pet issues. We eliminate the unnecessary vet visit as well as the stress related to getting your pet to the vet. The Dutch experience is designed to connect you with a vet via video call for general advice and recommended OTC product offerings. In certain states, vets may prescribe medication and therapeutics and our partner pharmacy will ship it right to your door.

What states does Dutch service?

As a Dutch member you can chat directly with a vet in all 50 states and access our OTC products.
If you are seeking prescription medication for anxiety or allergies we currently offer telemedicine services in the following states: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Virginia, and Washington.

We will continue to service additional states in the coming months — stay tuned!