Get a remedy for your pet's relentless itching and skin irritation. Atopica offers a trusted solution for both dogs and cats, addressing the root cause of allergies, providing relief, and bringing joy back into their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Atopica do for dogs?

Atopica for dogs is specifically designed to treat allergies in dogs, helping alleviate the troubling symptoms that accompany them. Instead of addressing symptoms like Apoquel, Atopica modulates the immune response to prevent the itching and inflammation caused by allergic dermatitis. This allows dogs to feel more comfortable, free from the incessant need to scratch and nibble on irritated skin.

What does Atopica do for cats?

Just as with dogs, Atopica is designed to treat allergies in cats. Cats often exhibit allergies through skin irritation, and Atopica helps reduce this by controlling the immune response that triggers such reactions. By using Atopica, feline friends can experience fewer flare-ups and as a result, enjoy a more comfortable life.

What are the signs of allergies in dogs and cats?

Allergies manifest in various ways in pets. Common signs in both dogs and cats include:

  • Persistent scratching or licking
  • Red, irritated skin or hot spots
  • Ear infections or excessive head shaking
  • Swollen paws or consistent paw chewing
  • Sneezing, coughing, or runny eyes
  • Unusual bowel movements or vomiting

It's worth noting that while both dogs and cats can have allergies, the way they react or the severity might differ.

Does Atopica for dogs require a prescription from a vet?

Yes, Atopica for dogs is not an over-the-counter medication. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment, it's crucial to get prescriptions for your pet. A vet will evaluate your dog and the severity of the allergies and determine the appropriate dosage.

Does Atopica for cats require a prescription from a vet?

Similar to the canine version, Atopica for cats also requires a prescription. This ensures that the medication is suitable for your cat and that the dosage is tailored to their specific needs, minimizing potential side effects.

Why do you have to wear gloves when administering Atopica?

Atopica, being an immunosuppressive medication, can be absorbed through the skin. For this reason, it's recommended to wear gloves when administering it to prevent any potential effects on humans, especially if there's prolonged exposure. This precaution ensures that only the pet receives the benefits of the medication, and there's no risk to the person providing it.

Is Atopica right for my pet?

While Atopica offers a promising solution for allergies in both dogs and cats, it's essential to ensure it's the right fit for your pet. Factors like age, health status, and the severity of allergies can influence the decision. To get an expert opinion tailored to your pet's unique situation, consider consulting a Dutch vet. Their insights will guide you in choosing the best route to treat skin irritation and allergies in your beloved pet, ensuring their comfort and well-being. 

Remember, the well-being of our pets is paramount. In the world of pet care, informed decisions backed by expert advice like that from Dutch often lead to the best outcomes for our furry companions. Try Dutch today.