Skin Care

Douxo S3 Pyo Shampoo


Using a medicated shampoo to bathe pets with skin infections is incredibly important to help resolve infections, prevent future infections from occurring, soothe irritated/inflamed skin, and repair the skin barrier function. Douxo S3 PYO shampoo is an advanced topical therapy, which contains chlorhexidine (a topical antiseptic indicated for the treatment of superficial Staphylococcal pyoderma) and ophytrium (a natural ingredient that promotes healthy skin, reduces inflammation, and regulates the cutaneous microbiome - the healthy bacteria on skin). Bathing is recommended every 3 weeks using the medicated shampoo. The shampoo should be applied to the affected skin first and massaged on the skin creating a light foam. The shampoo should be in contact with the pet’s skin for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with cool water. Your pet should then be dried using a towel or a blow-dryer on a low heat or cool setting.