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Some causes of cat hair loss

Cats shed every day, but excessive shedding or bald spots can indicate a problem.


Cats with allergies may scratch and groom excessively — leading to fur loss or bald spots, sores, and other skin problems. Your cat may be allergic to fleas, food, mites, or medications. Environmental allergens, like pollen, dander, and dust, can also lead to a severe skin condition called atopic dermatitis that can cause hair loss.

Fungal or bacterial infections

If your cat is losing hair, a skin infection caused by bacteria or fungus (like ringworm) may be to blame. Ringworm often causes hair to fall out in circles — and can spread to other pets and humans so you should talk to a vet as soon as possible.


Mange is an inflammatory skin condition caused by many species of mites. The mites can cause intense itching, redness, puffiness, scaling or skin crusts, and hair loss in cats. Mange is highly contagious to other animals and even humans, so it’s important to seek treatment quickly.

Stress or anxiety

Stressed or anxious cats may scratch or groom excessively, which can cause hair loss. This condition is known as stress-induced alopecia. You may also notice behavior changes, a depressed mood, and increased napping if your pet is anxious.

Hormonal issues

Cats with a hormonal imbalance, such as feline hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, may experience patchy hair loss or thinning hair. Hyperthyroidism is typically seen in older cats. Hormonal changes caused by pregnancy and lactation can also lead to excessive shedding.

Medicine & treatments for hair loss

If your cat is experiencing excessive shedding, hair loss, or bald spots, schedule a visit with one of our online vets to discuss the issue. Our licensed vets can consult with you over video chat and design a personalized treatment plan based around your pet’s needs. And prescriptions are delivered directly to your doorstep with free shipping.

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Help your cat live a healthier, happier life with expert vet care — wherever you are. With Dutch, you can connect with a licensed veterinarian online anytime and have prescription and over-the-counter medication shipped free to your door.

Get customized treatment plans that combine medication, education, vet-designed behavior modification (if needed), and ongoing care for an array of health issues — starting at just $15/month.

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Frequently asked questions

What is included in a Dutch membership?

All Dutch members have unlimited video chat access to licensed U.S. veterinarians. Additionally, in certain states our vets can prescribe medication for pets. Members receive specialized treatment plans for their pet that can include medications, therapeutics, and behavioral modification advice (or a combination of all 3). A Dutch membership also includes free shipping and free, unlimited follow-ups with Dutch-affiliated vets through messaging and video calls.

Who is Dutch for?

Dutch is for dog and cat owners wanting a more cost effective and timely way to handle common pet issues. We eliminate the unnecessary vet visit as well as the stress related to getting your pet to the vet. The Dutch experience is designed to connect you with a vet via video call for general advice and recommended OTC product offerings. In certain states, vets may prescribe medication and therapeutics and our partner pharmacy will ship it right to your door.

What states does Dutch service?

As a Dutch member you can chat directly with a vet in all 50 states and access our OTC products.
If you are seeking prescription medication for anxiety or allergies we currently offer telemedicine services in the following states: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Virginia, and Washington.

We will continue to service additional states in the coming months — stay tuned!