CEVA Animal Health

Elevate pet wellness with CEVA Animal Health. Explore a range of premium veterinary products recommended by our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does CEVA Animal Health do?

CEVA Animal Health is a pet company committed to enhancing animal well-being. Specializing in innovative products, CEVA focuses on developing and delivering high-quality medications and supplements for the various health needs of pets and animals, ranging from dogs and cats to farm animals. Their expertise lies in addressing a range of conditions to ensure animals receive the best care possible.

Which brands are part of CEVA Animal Health?

CEVA Animal Health encompasses a portfolio of trusted brands dedicated to pet health and well-being. Notable brands under the CEVA umbrella include: 

  • Vectra: Known for advanced flea and tick care solutions, this brand is dedicated to providing effective and reliable products to protect pets from parasites. 
  • Douxo: Specializing in dermatological care, Douxo offers a range of high-quality products designed to address various skin and coat issues in pets. 
  • Adaptil: Adaptil focuses on canine behavior and stress management. This brand provides innovative products, including pheromone-based solutions, to create a calming environment for dogs. 
  • Feliway: Feliway offers solutions to manage stress and create harmonious living spaces for cats. The brand's pheromone-based products are designed to promote calmness and alleviate anxiety. 

Where are CEVA Animal Health products made?

CEVA Animal Health products are made in Lenexa and Kansas City, Kansas. 

Since 2006, CEVA has demonstrated a substantial commitment to expanding its production capacity, investing over $73 million to enhance manufacturing capabilities. Looking ahead, CEVA plans to invest $40 million in these facilities by 2026.

Does my pet need a prescription for CEVA Animal Health products?

Whether you need a prescription for CEVA Animal Health products depends on the product. Many CEVA Animal Health products for dogs and cats are available over-the-counter (OTC) and do not require a prescription from a veterinarian.

If your vet recommends a product that requires a prescription, you can order it directly from our website once authorized by your vet. We also offer a range of non-prescription CEVA brands for cats and dogs to support their health and wellness. 

With a Dutch membership, you'll receive professional guidance on prescription and non-prescription products and get prescriptions for your pet delivered directly to your door.

Why do Dutch vets recommend CEVA Animal Health products?

Dutch vets often recommend CEVA Animal Health products due to the company's well-established reputation for producing high-quality veterinary solutions. CEVA is known for conducting rigorous research to develop innovative and effective products that address the various aspects of pet health, investing millions of dollars into expanding its research and development (R&D) facility. Their commitment to advancing veterinary medicine is reflected in the thorough testing and scientific validation of their products. 

When recommending CEVA products, Dutch veterinarians consider the specific needs of individual pets, taking into account factors like the pet's health, age, and lifestyle to tailor a treatment plan. By prioritizing individualized care, we can confidently address the varied health concerns of pets. Try Dutch today to learn more about pet health and find the best products for your cat or dog.