Photo of cat ears
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Cat Ear Infections: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Learn how to identify a cat ear infection and how to treat it with this comprehensive blog from Dutch.
Cat in litter box
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Why Does My Cat Have Diarrhea?

Learn about the potential causes and solutions for cat diarrhea with this comprehensive guide.
Kitten itching behind ear
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Itchy Cat: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Itchy cat? Learn about the symptoms, causes, and treatments of pruritus to help your furry friend stop scratching.
Cat itching due to skin condition
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Common Cat Skin Conditions & How To Treat Them

Cat skin conditions can be caused by a number of underlying issues, such as mange, fleas, feline acne, and allergies. Depending on the root cause, these skin conditions can be treated with a combination of medication and preventative care.
Cat itching as a result of cat skin allergies
9 Min Read

Identifying & Treating Cat Skin Allergies

Read this article to learn about the typical signs and causes of cat skin allergies, plus, treatment options for your furry friend.