Munchkin cat looking in mirror
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Munchkin Cat: Pet Profile

Learn everything there is to know about the fascinating munchkin breed, including their origin and potential health concerns.
Lykoi Cat
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Lykoi: Pet Profile

Learn more about the Lykoi cat, including details on its origins, its personality, and the best ways to care for one.
Cute gray cat sitting in laundry basket sticking its tongue out
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How To Clean Cat Toys (Step-by-Step)

Learn how to clean cat toys step-by-step with this helpful how-to guide.
Cat owner’s hand administering oral pill to black cat in front of lime green backdrop
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Prednisone For Cats: Treatment & Side Effects

Read this to learn more about prednisone for cats, its uses, and potential side effects.
Abyssinian Cat
9 Min Read

Abyssinian Cat: Pet Profile

Read this to learn about Abyssinian cats, their history, physical and behavioral characteristics, and more.

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