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Close-up of a cat with bandages on arm being helped by veterinarians
10 Min Read

The Protector Plan: Pet Insurance Meets Virtual Vet Care

Learn about Dutch’s Protector plan, the first offering to combine virtual vet care and pet insurance.
Alternatives To In-Person Clinical Practice: Telemedicine As A Solution To Vet Burnout
17 Min Read

Alternatives To In-Person Clinical Practice: Telemedicine As A Solution To Vet Burnout

Learn how telemedicine tackles burnout within the veterinary industry.
Pet owner on telemedicine video call
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Dutch’s Pillars Of Care For Providing The Highest Quality Telemedicine

Pet parents have been increasingly finding it difficult to access in-person vet care, leading to a rise of pet telehealth services, like Dutch. Our core mission is to provide positive medical outcomes for pets with true telemedicine, not just advice — while improving access to care throughout the country. In order to do this, we’ve established guiding pillars to ensure telemedicine can meet or exceed the standards of in-person care. Our pillars of care Pillar 1 - Quality of care The Dutch platform features 100% licensed vets for all medical care Dutch partners with board-certified specialists in behavior, dermatology, and...

How Telemedicine Works At Dutch
6 Min Read

How Telemedicine Works At Dutch

While many people are now familiar with virtual care for their own health due to the pandemic, far fewer people have experience with pet telehealth. As the current vet shortage crisis has led to long waits and long drives for in-person appointments, more people have begun turning to virtual vet clinics to get fast relief for their pets’ health issues. But not all virtual veterinary practices work the same way. From who provides your pet’s care to whether prescriptions are available, there’s a lot to consider when choosing a pet telehealth service. As a pet parent myself, I know how...

Golden Doodle dog celebrating birthday - wearing bday hat with confetti falling in the background
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Our First Year In Review

Discover Dutch’s progress in our first year.

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Woman placing cotton ball in dog’s ear
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Dog Earwax Color Chart

Your dog’s earwax is essential for good ear health. Learn what different earwax colors signify using our dog earwax color chart and guide.
Owner helping cat having panic attack
7 Min Read

Can Cats Have Panic Attacks? How To Spot The Symptoms

Check out this article to learn more about cat panic attacks, including symptoms and treatment options.
Cat scratching neck and head
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Cat Dermatitis: How You Can Help Your Itchy Cat

Cat dermatitis is an inflammation of your cat’s skin. Read this to learn more about what feline dermatitis is, what causes it, and how to help your furry friend.