Joe Spector, Founder & CEO

Joe Spector is the founder and CEO of Dutch as well as a proud dog parent. Previously the cofounder of Hims & Hers, a pioneer in human telehealth, Joe is on a mission to make the veterinary industry better for pets, pet parents, and veterinarians through telehealth and innovation. He believes every pet should have easy access to what they need to live their happiest and healthiest life.

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It’s Time For Big Solutions To The Vet Shortage Crisis

During a hectic family dinner in July of 2021, my Corgi, Eddie, got into a bag of trail mix that fell on the floor. By the time I realized it had chocolate and raisins (two things that could kill a dog), he had already devoured half the bag. I frantically called vet after vet. They were all too busy. One vet’s office suggested I call a pet poison hotline, where I spent $75 to have someone tell me I needed to take Eddie to an emergency vet. Back to square one. Out of sheer desperation, I drove to an emergency...