Cerenia (Rx)

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Cerenia (Rx)

Why our vets recommend it

Cerenia is a safe and effective treatment for vomiting in cats and dogs. It also prevents vomiting due to motion sickness in dogs. Unlike other medications for vomiting, Cerenia doesn’t cause drowsiness.

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Medication information

What is Cerenia?

Cerenia is the first FDA-approved veterinary medication to safely and effectively treat vomiting in dogs and cats. It also effectively helps prevent vomiting due to motion sickness in dogs. The main ingredient blocks certain signals in your pet’s brain to help prevent vomiting.

What does Cerenia treat?

Conditions that Cerenia treats include:

  • Vomiting 
  • Nausea
  • Motion sickness

How is Cerenia given?

Give Cerenia to your pet according to your vet’s instructions. To prevent vomiting from car sickness, give your dog Cerenia with a small amount of food at least 2 hours before traveling. You can do this once a day for up to 2 days in a row. To prevent acute vomiting, you can give Cerenia once daily.

Who is Cerenia for?

Dogs and cats

What are the active ingredients of Cerenia?

Maropitant citrate

What are the possible side effects of Cerenia?

The most common side effects reported in dogs are loss of appetite, depression/lethargy, excessive salivation (drooling), vomiting, and diarrhea. For more information about potential adverse events see the prescribing information. If you have questions about any side effects, reach out to your vet.

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