Onsior for Cats (Rx)

Onsior for Cats (Rx)

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Why our vets recommend it

Onsior for Cats reduces pain and inflammation caused by orthopedic surgery, spaying, neutering, and arthritis in a small, easy-to-give flavored tablet.

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Medication information

What is Onsior for Cats?

Onsior for Cats is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that relieves pain and reduces inflammation associated with orthopedic and soft tissue surgery. It’s also used off-label for osteoarthritis (arthritis).

What does Onsior for Cats treat?

Onsior for Cats is used to treat pain and inflammation caused by:

  • Orthopedic surgery, spaying, or neutering
  • Arthritis (off-label)

How is Onsior for Cats given?

Onsior for Cats is a small, flavored tablet that’s given orally. Follow the instructions given by your vet.

Who is Onsior for Cats for?

Cats weighing 5.5 lbs or more and 4 months of age or older

What are the active ingredients of Onsior for Cats?


What are the possible side effects of Onsior for Cats?

For oral use in cats ≥ 5.5 lbs and ≥ 4 months of age only. The most common side effects are decreased appetite, depression, vomiting, elevated BUN, elevated creatinine, and kidney issues.

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