Pet owner on telemedicine video call

Pet parents have been increasingly finding it difficult to access in-person vet care, leading to a rise of pet telehealth services, like Dutch. Our core mission is to provide positive medical outcomes for pets with true telemedicine, not just advice — while improving access to care throughout the country. In order to do this, we’ve established guiding pillars to ensure telemedicine can meet or exceed the standards of in-person care.

Pillars of telemedicine

Our pillars of care

Pillar 1 - Quality of care

  • The Dutch platform features 100% licensed vets for all medical care
  • Dutch partners with board-certified specialists in behavior, dermatology, and internal medicine who guide our policies and standards of care

Pillar 2 - Alignment of care

  • Our vets are never incentivized to prescribe medications and have full freedom to use their professional judgment to provide the best care
  • We do not prioritize telemedicine over in-person care — if telemedicine can’t meet the needs of a pet, our vets refer to an in-person vet

Pillar 3 - Spectrum of care

  • Telemedicine will increase the range of care available to pet parents by providing new options that might better fit their availability and budget, which will in turn expand the pie of pets who receive medical care at all
  • Convenience of virtual care, speed and availability of appointments, as well as transparent and affordable pricing are key promises to our members

Foundation - Intuitive technology platforms

  • Our vet-facing EMR applies intuitive design principles, allowing our vets to be experts in medicine without needing intensive training in technology
  • All Dutch platforms emphasize personalized, robust, and ongoing interactions between vets and pet parents throughout the life of a pet

Dutch by the numbers

  • Over 6,000 pets have been helped through Dutch, with 0 deaths as a result of telemedicine
  • 50% of our members do not have a vet when they join Dutch
  • 76% of Dutch calls take place within 24 hours of joining, with 28% taking place within just 2 hours of joining 
  • 69% of Dutch visits take place outside of regular office hours
  • The national vet shortage has left an estimated one vet per 1,500 pets

Building a healthier future for pets, pet parents, and veterinarians

While telemedicine is still in its infancy for pets and can’t replace the need for in-person care, we believe that it can be as valuable a tool for the veterinary industry as it is for human healthcare. By helping pets with issues that can easily be handled through telemedicine, we free up local vets for the most urgent cases and other issues that require in-person visits. In the years to come, Dutch will continue to push the veterinary telemedicine industry forward to help ensure more pets have fast access to the highest quality care — while decreasing the burden on overwhelmed in-person veterinarians.