10 Gift Ideas For Pet Owners

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Finding the perfect gift for everyone in your life can be difficult. However, if they're a pet parent, you already know what they love most: their beloved animal companion. So whether the person you're shopping for is a cat or dog person, you can get them several gifts that make it easier for them to be the best pet parents they can be. 

Even if the pet parent in your life already buys everything their furry friends need, they're always in need of more stuff, especially things that can make their lives a little easier. As you may know, being a pet parent is a big responsibility; sometimes, it can be stressful and costly. Buying the best gifts for pet owners will help them save money while ensuring the health and happiness of their pets. Need help figuring out what to get the pet parent in your life? Check out our list of the best gift ideas for pet owners. 

1. Toys & Treats

Bored pets can be destructive, but daily enrichment can curb this unwanted behavior.1 Toys and treats are always a great present for pet parents, especially those who have dogs that tend to destroy toys. You can choose many different types of dog and cat toys, including:

  • Rope toys: Rope toys for dogs allow pet parents to engage in play with their canine companions. With rope toys, they can play tug, allowing dogs to try to steal the rope from their owner; a game that offers physical and mental stimulation. 
  • Treat dispensing toys: Treat dispensing toys are a must-have for cats and dogs because they keep pets engaged without the need for their pet parents to play with them. While pets should always be monitored when playing with toys, treat dispensing toys allow pets to play independently and find ways to get treats and food out of the toy, exercising their minds and bodies. 
  • Interactive toys: Interactive toys are ideal for pets who need more mental stimulation, especially high-energy dog breeds. With interactive toys, dogs and cats can play games by themselves. For example, you can give them complex puzzle toys that make them use their brains in a way they might not be used to. 
  • Bones: Most dogs love bones, and they go through them quickly. Chewing is a natural instinct and can even provide dogs with mental stimulation to prevent boredom. Ultimately, if you know a dog that chews, there's no such thing as having too many bones. 
  • Slow feeder bowls: If you know a dog or cat who scarfs down their food, consider buying them a slow feeder bowl that makes them work for their food. Similar to treat dispensing toys, slow feeder bowls require cats and dogs to think before eating by solving a puzzle to finish their meals. 
  • Catnip toys: Cats are crazy about catnip, and there are many ways to enjoy it, including catnip toys. Catnip toys are interactive toys because they allow cats to engage in an activity without the direct involvement of their owners. 
  • Stuffed toys: Some dogs are gentle on toys and love snuggling up with stuffed animals, while others chew them up to find the squeaker. However, if you know the pet's temperament or have seen them with stuffed animals, stuffed toys are a great option. 

2. The Gift Of Good Health

The best gift for pet parents is to ensure their dog or cat's health. Vet visits can be expensive, especially in emergencies. Dutch is an online platform designed to make care simple and straightforward for pets and their pet parents. Simply sign up for a Dutch subscription and get access to vet care from the comfort of your own home. 

3. Pet Camera

While dogs and cats are prone to separation anxiety, no one talks about how pet parents can feel the same way. If you know someone who hates leaving their pets at home, consider getting them a pet camera so they can watch their pets all day long. Of course, pet cameras are good for other things, too, such as seeing what trouble your pet might be getting into while you're away and helping you manage separation anxiety. 

Pet cameras are available at many different price points, but the more you're willing to spend, the more features they'll have. For example, you can find treat-dispensing pet cameras that allow pet parents to interact with their pets from anywhere through video chat while dispensing treats to prevent separation anxiety in both the pet and their owner. 

4. Pet Care Kit

Why purchase pet products separately when you can have them delivered in a pet care kit? A pet care kit consists of the best products to ensure their health. For example, Dutch Pet Care Kits come with products curated by licensed vets that can be used to improve the health and wellness of cats and dogs. So whether a pet owner is looking for a way to clean their dog's ears or for the best supplements to ensure their dog or cat is getting the essential nutrients they need for optimal health, a pet care kit can help. 

5. Pet Sitter 

Being a pet parent is hard work, and giving them a night off can be a great way to help someone, whether they're busy or need to de-stress with quality me-time. Hiring a pet sitter or dog walker is one of the best gifts for pet owners because it lets them do everything they need to do without worrying about their pets. Whether they have a late night at work and can't make it home for the before-bed walk or they need to travel to see family for the holidays, you can hire someone who can take care of their pets for them. 

In addition to hiring someone, you can become a pet sitter or dog walker. If you love their pet, consider offering to take care of them so your friend or family member can take a break. 

6. Basic Pet Supplies 

Basic supplies are some of the best gifts for new pet owners because you can ensure they have everything they need to start caring for their new pet. After bringing home a new cat or dog, no one wants to have to leave them home alone while they run out to the store to pick up essentials like food, leashes, pet beds, or toys. Everything from essential pet supplies like dog food and cat trees can be good gifts. For example, a pet bed is a great option for dogs that aren't allowed on furniture or those that interrupt their owners' sleep when they share the bed. Meanwhile, they can also benefit a dog's health because they’re softer to nap on than the hardwood floor. 

Of course, you can go above and beyond and find premium versions of every essential pet product. For example, you can buy a reflective collar and leash with the dog's name and owner's phone number to ensure they can be returned if they run off during a walk and are found by someone else. In addition, you can find cat trees that match your friend or family member's unique home decor. 

7. Personalized Pet Merch

Until now, we've discussed gift ideas for pet owners that were actually for their pets. While those things come in handy, you could make the holidays even more special with personalized pet merchandise. If you know someone who can't stop taking photos of their pet, they'll love items printed with their pet's faces. Gifts like ornaments, framed photos, and hand-drawn portraits are guaranteed to surprise a pet parent. 

There's a custom photo gift for every type of pet parent. For example, if you know a homebody pet parent who loves snuggling up on the couch with their pooch, consider getting them a custom photo blanket. Meanwhile, if you know someone who loves puzzles, you can grab their favorite photo of their pet off social media and have it printed onto a puzzle, slowly revealing their best friend's smiling face as they connect the pieces. 

8. Travel Carrier

Many pet parents can't stand the thought of leaving their beloved animal companions at home. If this sounds like someone you know, consider getting them a travel carrier that will make it easier to take their small pets with them wherever they go.

9. Automatic Feeders & Fountains

Automatic feeders and pet fountains allow pet parents to fill up the machine and let it feed and hydrate their pets for a few days until they need to be refilled. These products are ideal for busy pet parents who are always in a rush and might forget to feed their pets before leaving for work in the morning. In addition, with some automatic feeders, you can set the ideal serving size to ensure the pets only eat as much as they need, preventing weight gain that can be dangerous to their health. 

10. Pet Stairs

Dogs and cats with mobility issues can benefit from steps that allow them to enjoy quality time snuggling up next to their favorite human in bed or on the couch. Pet stairs are a good gift for pet parents whose pets have joint problems, are small and can't get onto the furniture without help, or are old and prone to hip or elbow dysplasia. With these practical gifts, the dog or cat can take the stairs instead of jumping and potentially injuring themselves. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you buy a new pet owner?

New pet parents can quickly become overwhelmed because dogs and cats need much more than they think. However, with a few simple gifts, you can make their lives easier by ensuring they have everything they need to care for their new pets properly. The best gifts for new pet owners include:

  • Pet cams
  • Necessities like food, treats, and toys
  • Walking equipment like harnesses, collars, leashes, waste bags

What gift is good for dog people?

Dog people and cat people have different needs when caring for their pets. The best gifts for dog people are custom merchandise with their pet's photo on them. You can find custom gifts, such as photo prints, blankets, puzzles, throw pillows, mugs, and pet portraits to surprise and delight your favorite pet owner. 

Other good gifts for dog people include:

  • Treat makers
  • Enrichment toys to keep their pups focused on a task
  • Dog beds to give their dog somewhere to sleep during the day

Mom, kids, and cat cuddling in front of Christmas tree

Final Notes

Finding the right gift for pet lovers and owners is easier than you think. Many would prefer you spend money directly on their pets, anyway. Of course, if you want to get them something that's one-of-a-kind, you might consider personalized pet gifts. However, if you're looking for something more practical, consider gifts that can make being a pet parent a little easier, such as a pet cam or a pet care subscription. 

One way to make caring for a pet more convenient is by using Dutch's telemedicine for pets. With our online vet care services, pet parents can have access to a vet 24/7 to answer their questions and offer advice on common pet ailments. We can also provide curated product recommendations based on your pet's health and needs. Try Dutch today. 



  1. “At-Home Tips for Keeping Your Pets Busy and Engaged.” ASPCA, https://www.aspca.org/news/home-tips-keeping-your-pets-busy-and-engaged.

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Who is Dutch?

Dutch is an online veterinary pet telehealth service, created by pet parents and board-certified veterinary specialists. We use a science-backed approach to provide pets relief for their everyday physical and behavioral health issues. Dutch connects you with licensed veterinarians over video chat and messaging to help you get care for your dog or cat quickly wherever you are — without the stress or expense of a vet visit. We also partner with pharmacies who can deliver prescription medication (in applicable states only) and over-the-counter treatments directly to your door. Dutch isn’t a veterinary practice or pharmacy, but a company that helps facilitate these services for pet parents to make veterinary care more accessible to all.

What is a visit with Dutch like?

When booking a video call with a vet, you'll be asked a few questions about your pet’s health issue. Depending on the issue, you may also be asked to fill out a longer questionnaire about their symptoms and share photographs of them so our veterinarians can better understand what’s going on. You’ll then pick an appointment time that works best for you.

During your video call, one of our licensed veterinarians will talk to you about the symptoms your pet is experiencing, ask you questions, review your pet’s medical history if you’ve provided it, and answer any questions you have. The vet will ask to see your pet and their environment. And they may ask you to perform some simple checks on them if needed.

After your video call, the vet will send you a message with a custom treatment plan to help your pet feel better, including a link to buy any recommended prescription or over-the-counter medications. Place your order and we’ll ship it free.

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The Dutch membership starts at $7/mo for unlimited access to the vet. No more long waits for appointments or surprise bills.

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