Dog getting flea treatment applied
12 Min Read

Selarid Vs. Revolution

Read this to learn about Selarid and Revolution, two topical parasite prevention medications for cats and dogs.
Pawdicure: Keeping Your Pet's Paws Healthy & Pampered
12 Min Read

Pawdicure: Keeping Your Pet's Paws Healthy & Pampered

Read this to learn more about keeping your pet's paws healthy with a pawdicure.
 Dog being fed monthly preventative tablet by owner
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Interceptor Vs. Interceptor Plus

Read this to learn about the differences between Interceptor vs. Interceptor Plus. Discover the best parasite prevention for your pet.
Close up side profile of cat showing their Henry’s pocket
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Henry's Pocket: A Closer Look At Your Pet's Ear Flap

Read this to learn more about your pet's "Henry's pocket."
Cat being held by vet
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How Often Do You Take A Cat To The Vet?

Read this to learn how often to take your cat to the vet.
Cocker Spaniel getting fleas removed by owner
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Bravecto Vs. NexGard: What’s Better for Flea Treatment?

Protect your pets from fleas and ticks with Bravecto or NexGard by finding out which option is the best treatment.
Dachshund and cat cuddling
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Fuzzy Pet Health Shuts Down: Get Care With Dutch

Read this to learn about the Fuzzy Pet Health shutdown and how you can get telehealth services for your pet with Dutch.
Goldendoodle wearing 4th of July accessories while laying on table
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4th of July Pet Safety Tips

Read these 4th of July pet safety tips to help your dog have a happy, safe Independence Day.
Owner and dog taking a video call together
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Where To Fill Pet Prescriptions: Online And In-Store Options

An overview of the best places to get pet prescriptions - online, pharmacy, or veterinary clinic.
Dog running on the beach in Florida
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Florida Online Vet & Pet Insurance FAQs

Learn about available pet insurance and virtual care & telemedicine for your pet in Florida.
Senior dachshund being examined by veterinarian
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How Much Is A Vet Visit?

Read this to learn about what you can expect to pay for a typical vet visit.
Close up of dog nose in front of marijuana leaf
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Is Marijuana Poisonous To Pets?

Read this to learn more about marijuana toxicity in pets.