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Why pet owners are switching to online vet care with Dutch

  • Prescriptions delivered free to you

  • Fast access to Licensed Vets over video

  • Unlimited video visits and follow-ups

California veterinary telemedicine is a revolutionary solution for pet owners seeking convenient and accessible healthcare services. Dutch's innovative approach allows pet parents to connect with licensed vets in their state remotely, facilitating discussions about their pets' health, behavior, and general well-being. 

Let's explore everything you need to know about our California online vet and pet insurance. 

What is Veterinary Telemedicine & How Does it Work?

Veterinary telemedicine brings healthcare services for pets directly into your home. It involves the remote delivery of veterinary care for pets through digital communication channels like online chats, email, and virtual appointments. 

Pet owners can connect with licensed veterinarians using video consultations and direct messaging to discuss their pets' health concerns and behavior issues or seek general advice. 

The process begins with pet parents signing up for a Dutch membership . From there, you can schedule an appointment with a licensed vet through our online platform. During the virtual consultation, you'll provide relevant information about your pet's symptoms, share images or videos, and engage in real-time discussions with the veterinarian. From there, the vet can offer diagnoses, treatment plans, medical prescriptions, and general advice. 

Veterinary telemedicine provides convenience for pet owners and is an effective means of delivering timely care, especially for non-emergency situations and management of chronic issues. This innovative approach is reshaping the way pet parents access veterinary expertise, making it more accessible, flexible, and tailored to the needs of both pets and their owners. 

Benefits & Limitations Of Veterinary Telemedicine

While California veterinary telemedicine offers a convenient and hassle-free solution for pet parents, there are benefits and limitations.


  • Fast, hassle-free appointments: You can make an appointment with a licensed vet in just 24 hours. With no waiting periods, you can get your pet treatment as quickly as tomorrow. 
  • Assistance with chronic care: Veterinary telemedicine effectively addresses various health issues ranging from anxiety to allergies and more. 
  • Access to vets: Pet telemedicine overcomes geographical limitations and scheduling issues, allowing you to get advice from vets when you need it and providing specialized support for your pet's unique needs. 
  • Less stress for pet parents and pets: With no commutes, communication barriers, or the hassle of taking your pet to an in-person clinic, there's less stress for you and your pet. 


  • Potential delays in treatment: Technology isn't perfect. Issues with internet connections or poor image quality can lead to delays in medical services. 
  • Not a replacement for in-person care: While California veterinary telemedicine can supplement in-person care and sometimes help you avoid it altogether, it's not a replacement for it, particularly for conditions requiring lab work, hands-on evaluations, or immediate treatment. 
  • Limited to cats and dogs: For now, Dutch telemedicine for pets primarily focuses on cats and dogs. Other pets, such as hamsters, rabbits, birds, snakes, and fish, will still need the help of an in-person vet. 
  • Not for emergency care: Veterinary telemedicine can't do it all. Dutch vets are unable to provide emergency assistance. In life-threatening situations, seek immediate help from an emergency veterinary clinic. 

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Get Online Vet Care In California

Pet care has entered a new era of innovation, convenience, and affordability through telemedicine. Guided by principles that prioritize the health and well-being of your pets, Dutch seamlessly integrates technology with quality veterinary expertise. Our platform is founded on our pillars of care, ensuring an optimal experience for both you and your furry companion: 

  • Quality of care: Dutch ensures 100% licensed vets handle all medical care, collaborating with specialists in behavior, dermatology, and internal medicine. 
  • Alignment of care: Integrity guides our approach. Vets aren't incentivized to prescribe medications. Instead, they rely on their professional judgment for your pet's best interest. 
  • Spectrum of care: Dutch broadens the range of available care, offering convenience, affordable options, transparent pricing, prescription delivery, and more. 

Embrace the advantage of telemedicine for pets with Dutch and sign up for a membership today. 

Is veterinary telemedicine legal in California?

Veterinary telemedicine is fully legal in the state of California. In October 2023, Governor Newsom signed AB 1399 that empowers licensed vets to practice veterinary medicine through telehealth, acknowledging the potential of technology to improve accessibility and convenience for pet parents throughout California. 

Scheduled to take effect in January 2024, the California veterinary telemedicine bill will address care gaps for non-emergency and chronic health concerns while upholding the highest standards of care that pets deserve. 

Can an online vet write prescriptions?

Yes, a California online vet can write prescriptions for your pets starting in 2024. This significant advancement in veterinary telemedicine allows licensed vets practicing through Dutch to provide comprehensive care, including prescribing medications when necessary. 

It's a convenient and effective way for pet parents to access the medications their pets need without the need for in-person visits.

Which pets can use online vet care in California?

Dutch currently serves cats and dogs through our online veterinary care services in California. If you're a pet parent of dogs or cats in California, you can take advantage of Dutch to access licensed vets, receive treatment plans, and even get prescriptions delivered to your doorstep. 

However, if you have other types of pets, such as snakes, rabbits, hamsters, or birds, we may not be able to assist with their care at this time. Keep checking back for the latest updates on the types of pets we can accommodate!

How much does an online vet appointment cost in California?

In California, the cost of a regular vet appointment is $71.95 for a regular visit with the national average being $60.96. 1 Dutch aims to make pet care more affordable. Our membership plans provide cost savings for pet parents.

Graphic comparing average cost of vet visits in California: Traditional vet clinic costs an average of $71.95 per visit, while a Dutch subscription costs $11 per month with unlimited follow up visits

With a Dutch membership, you gain access to unlimited care for your pet, including virtual appointments, follow-ups, and the convenience of prescriptions delivered to your door. So whether you talk to a vet once or ten times, your cost stays the same.

What can I expect during an online vet appointment?

An online appointment with Dutch is designed to mirror an in-person visit. The comprehensive online consultation involves answering questions about your pet's health and describing the symptoms they're experiencing. To enhance the vet's understanding, you'll also be requested to share photographs or videos of your pet, particularly focusing on visible areas of concern. 

Throughout the visit, a licensed vet will review your pet's medical history if you've provided it, as past illnesses can influence the diagnosis. You'll be asked to provide a detailed description of the symptoms, and during the video visit, if possible, your vet may request a demonstration of the symptoms. Having photos or videos ready is a helpful alternative. 

After submitting your responses, a licensed vet will examine the information. They'll either approve a treatment plan or contact you with follow-up questions. If prescribed medication is part of the treatment plan, we'll send the prescription to our online pet pharmacy and deliver it to your doorstep with the necessary instructions. 

A Dutch membership also comes with the convenience of unlimited vet visits and follow-ups, and prescriptions are delivered to you free of charge.

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What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance provides coverage for veterinary expenses incurred due to accidents and emergencies. It operates similarly to other types of insurance, helping pet owners manage the cost associated with unexpected medical treatments, and surgeries for their animals. Pet insurance plans typically involve a monthly premium paid by the pet owner, and in return, the insurance provider covers a portion of eligible veterinary expenses. 

In the United States, over 5 million pets are currently insured. Some states have higher rates of pet insurance coverage, with California, New York, and Florida having some of the highest rates of pet insurance coverage. 2 

Graphic stating: California, New York, and Florida have the highest rates of pet insurance coverage

Get Pet Insurance in California

Thanks to our partnership with Pet’s Best, we offer the best emergency pet insurance in California. Get the benefit of virtual care plus emergency pet insurance coverage with Dutch's Annual + Insurance plan . This plan is designed to provide peace of mind for pet owners, offering a range of benefits to ensure the health and wellness of your furry friends. 

With Dutch pet insurance in California, you can enjoy the following features: 

  • $10,000/year for emergency vet trips: Rest easy knowing that your pet's emergency veterinary expenses, resulting from accidents like car incidents, toxic ingestion, fractures, or animal bites, are covered up to $10,000 per year. 
  • 100% licensed vets: Access to qualified and licensed veterinarians ensures that your pet receives the best possible care and attention. 
  • Customized treatment plans: Receive personalized and tailored treatment plans for your pet's specific needs, addressing their individual health concerns. 
  • Unlimited Dutch vet calls: Benefit from unlimited virtual care consultations with Dutch vets, providing convenient access to professional advice. 
  • Free shipping: Get prescriptions and other pet care products conveniently delivered to your doorstep at no additional cost. 
  • Virtual care for up to 5 pets: The plan covers virtual care services for up to five pets, making it an ideal choice for households with multiple furry companions. 

What is the average cost of pet insurance in California?

The average cost of pet insurance can vary depending on factors such as coverage limits, deductibles, and reimbursement percentages. For unlimited annual coverage, a $500 deductible, and 90% reimbursement, the average monthly costs are approximately $57 for puppies, $56 for dogs, and $47 for cats. 3

However, you can enjoy significant savings with Dutch's California pet insurance plan. With the added benefits of virtual vet care, our pet insurance costs just $16.67/month for dogs and $13.67/month for cats.

By choosing Dutch for pet insurance and online vet care, California pet owners can secure affordable coverage that prioritizes the health and well-being of their animal companions. 

Is pet insurance worth it?

Yes, pet insurance can benefit pet parents and their pets for several reasons: 

  • Cost savings: Pet insurance helps mitigate the financial burden of unexpected veterinary expenses. In the event of accidents, illnesses, or emergencies, insurance coverage can significantly reduce out-of-pocket costs, making it more affordable to provide necessary medical care for your pet. 
  • Peace of mind: Knowing you have pet insurance provides peace of mind. It allows you to make decisions about your pet's health based on their needs rather than financial constraints. 
  • Increased access to care: With pet insurance, you can choose from a broader network of veterinary providers. This increased access ensures that you can find care from specialists or preferred clinics without concerns about the financial implications. 
  • Health and safety of your pet: Pet insurance promotes your pet's well-being in the event of an emergency. Providing financial support in unforeseen events such as accidents, injuries, or sudden illnesses, enables you to find the best care for your pet without worrying about the cost and encourages pet parents to act quickly in emergencies.

What is the best pet insurance available in California?

Dutch offers a unique and comprehensive solution by combining virtual vet care with pet insurance in California. With Dutch, pet owners can access unlimited virtual vet consultations, ensuring prompt and convenient care for their furry companions. The integrated pet insurance plan also provides coverage for emergencies, offering financial support for unexpected accidents, injuries, or sudden illnesses.

The insurance coverage includes up to $10,000 per year for emergency vet trips, providing peace of mind to pet owners in the face of unforeseen medical expenses. With 100% licensed vets, customized treatment plans, and free shipping of prescribed medications, we deliver a holistic approach to pet care. This integrated model allows pet owners to seamlessly navigate both routine virtual consultations and emergencies, ensuring the health and well-being of their pets in all circumstances.

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California, Get Online Vet Care & Pet Insurance With Dutch

Experience the convenience of connecting with licensed vets from the comfort of your home. With Dutch, you can schedule hassle-free consultations and receive personalized treatment plans with prescriptions delivered to your doorstep. 

Combine the best care with the best pet insurance in California. Elevate your pet's well-being with Dutch's Annual + Insurance plan , offering up to $10,000 per year for emergency vet visits, unlimited virtual vet calls, and coverage for up to five pets. 

Our commitment to quality care, integrity, and a broad spectrum of services ensure that your animal companions receive the best possible care. Try Dutch today. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dutch?

Dutch is an online veterinary pet telehealth service, created by pet parents and board-certified veterinary specialists. We use a science-backed approach to provide pets relief for their everyday physical and behavioral health issues. Dutch connects you with licensed veterinarians over video chat and messaging to help you get care for your dog or cat quickly wherever you are — without the stress or expense of a vet visit. We also partner with pharmacies who can deliver prescription medication (in applicable states only) and over-the-counter treatments directly to your door. Dutch isn’t a veterinary practice or pharmacy, but a company that helps facilitate these services for pet parents to make veterinary care more accessible to all.

What is a visit with Dutch like?

When booking a video call with a vet, you'll be asked a few questions about your pet’s health issue. Depending on the issue, you may also be asked to fill out a longer questionnaire about their symptoms and share photographs of them so our veterinarians can better understand what’s going on. You’ll then pick an appointment time that works best for you.

During your video call, one of our licensed veterinarians will talk to you about the symptoms your pet is experiencing, ask you questions, review your pet’s medical history if you’ve provided it, and answer any questions you have. The vet will ask to see your pet and their environment. And they may ask you to perform some simple checks on them if needed.

After your video call, the vet will send you a message with a custom treatment plan to help your pet feel better, including a link to buy any recommended prescription or over-the-counter medications. Place your order and we’ll ship it free.

How much will it cost for Dutch to treat my pet?

The Dutch membership starts at $11/mo for unlimited access to the vet. No more long waits for appointments or surprise bills.

In addition to the base membership plan, our veterinarians may also recommend additional medication (Rx and/or OTC) that you will have the option of adding to your plan at an additional cost.