Blue Buffalo


Your pet deserves health, happiness, and only the best. Shop Blue Buffalo cat and dog food made from the highest quality natural ingredients that your pet is sure to love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blue Buffalo good dog food?

Blue Buffalo isn’t your one-size-fits-all pet kibble. Just like humans, pets have different nutritional needs based on their size, lifestyle, and age. Blue Buffalo is made in special formulations to suit your pet’s specific needs, like limited-ingredient diets or grain-free formulations, small or large-breed foods, prescription dog food, and more.

No matter which Blue Buffalo dog food or cat food you choose, you can rest assured knowing that you’re choosing a wholesome food with the best ingredients available. All Blue Buffalo dog and cat foods are meat-first and they never contain fillers like corn, wheat, or soy, or artificial flavors or preservatives. You’ll find only high-quality natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals.

Why do vets recommend Blue Buffalo dog and cat food?

At Dutch, we work with veterinarians to curate all of our products. We believe in looking to the experts to determine the best products for your furry friends to ensure a selection that we can stand behind. 

Blue Buffalo shares this belief. They have a team of veterinarians and animal nutritionists who formulate their products to ensure that your dog or cat gets only the best. 

Veterinarians all over recognize this commitment to your dog’s health and wellness, which is why they recommend Blue Buffalo cat food and dog food to families everyday.

What types of Blue Buffalo products are available on

Dutch carries a range of Blue Buffalo foods to suit your pet’s needs. Explore selections like Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet GI Gastrointestinal Support, Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet HF Hydrolyzed for Food Intolerance, or Blue Buffalo puppy food designed specifically for young dogs. 

No matter which food you choose, Dutch members get free shipping on all orders.

Do I need a prescription for Blue Buffalo pet food?

Blue Buffalo does offer a selection of prescription pet food for both dogs and cats. Their BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet line offers prescription cat food, dog food, Blue Buffalo puppy food, and more for allergies, gastrointestinal support, urinary or kidney support, and other health concerns. 

If you believe your pet could benefit from a prescription dog or cat food, it’s important to talk to your vet. You can consult a vet about your cat’s nutrition or for dietary advice for your dog. They can assess whether a prescription pet food would help.

Is Blue Buffalo pet food made in the US?

Many types of Blue Buffalo dog food and cat food are made in the US, in manufacturing facilities in Missouri and Indiana, while others are made stateside by trusted partner facilities according to Blue Buffalo specifications. Some products are also manufactured overseas in Thailand according to the same rigorous policies and standards.

What grains are used in Blue Buffalo food?

Wondering, “Is Blue Buffalo good dog food?” Look no further than the ingredients. Blue Buffalo uses only whole grains like barley, brown rice, oats, and rye to ensure the most nutritious product for your pet. 

Not sure which Blue Buffalo product is best for your furry friend? Schedule an online appointment with a vet and get personalized nutrition advice when you join Dutch!