Joint Medicine for Dogs

Alleviate your dog’s joint pain from arthritis, old age, and injury with joint medicine for dogs. With the right treatment, you can improve their mobility and decrease inflammation, enabling them to enjoy their favorite activities again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes joint pain in dogs?

There are two main types of joint pain in dogs: degenerative and developmental joint pain. With degenerative joint issues, a dog’s cartilage wears down over time, resulting in the bones rubbing against each other, leading to joint pain. Degenerative joint pain can be caused by stress, arthritis, and injury. In addition, large breeds are more prone to joint pain because of their additional weight. 

Meanwhile, developmental joint issues are congenital birth defects; puppies are born with developmental joint issues due to genetics. Again, this type of joint pain is more common in larger dogs, but it can happen to any breed. 

Causes of joint pain in dogs include the following:

  • Age: Dogs are more likely to develop joint pain as they age, with it primarily affecting senior dogs. 
  • Weight: Overweight or obese dogs put more pressure on the joints, making them more likely to experience pain. 
  • Breed: Certain breeds are at a higher risk of joint problems, including large breeds like Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds. 
  • Underlying health issues: Some underlying health issues, such as hip or knee dysplasia, can affect the joints. 

What are the signs my dog is suffering from joint pain?

Joint pain in dogs is fairly easy to spot. Even though your dog can’t tell you they’re in pain, there will be subtle signs in their movements and behaviors. For example, dogs with joint pain may be lethargic because moving around hurts. In addition, they may experience limping and stiffness or frequently slip when moving around the house. Some dogs may also wince or make sounds when trying to lie down or stand up. 

What are the best dog joint medicines?

The most common joint and arthritis medicine for dogs is NSAIDs, which can be prescribed to alleviate joint pain, treat inflammation, and reduce swelling that contributes to pain. Popular options for dog joint medicine include the following:

  • Galliprant: Galliprant is an NSAID to control pain and inflammation associated with the early stages of osteoarthritis. 
  • Carprofen: Carprofen, brand name Rimadyl, is another NSAID that can treat joint inflammation in dogs with osteoarthritis. 

Are there hip and joint supplements for dogs?

Yes, there are dog joint supplements that can improve mobility and support healthy joints. A few of our recommendations include the following:

In addition to hip and joint supplements for dogs, veterinarians may recommend surgery, weight loss, or massage therapy, depending on the severity and cause of your dog’s joint pain. 

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