Brighter days start with calmer minds.

Anxiety treatment plans built around your pet’s specific brain chemistry for happiness that lasts.

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So, what exactly does anxiety look like?

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Knowing the telltale signs is the first step to helping your pet lead its most worry-free life.
  • Tremors or shivering
  • Fear of new places or people
  • Fear of being alone
  • Barking or yelling
  • Destructive behavior
myth: All shelter animals are anxious
myth: It takes years to treat anxiety
myth: Pets don't need anxiety treatment
myth: Fear and anxiety is normal for pets
myth: Fear and anxiety don't cause health problems

A medical approach to a medical problem.

We treat anxiety like the medical problem it is. Most remedies promise the world but fail to provide sustained relief. Our plans take a holistic approach, combining medication with vet-designed behavior modification.

Prescription Relief

Medication that boosts serotonin and calms your pet’s anxious brain.
Start noticing a difference in as early as 4-6 weeks.

Behavior Modification

Once medications help calm the anxious brain, our pets are more receptive to training. We give you the tools to implement easy to learn training exercises as well as environmental enrichment techniques to create lasting change.
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How It Works — Step 01

Start with a consultation.

Our convenient online visit helps us better understand your pet’s biggest stressors. Take it on your own time and include photos or videos if you’d like.

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Step 02

Receive a customized treatment plan.

Our vets provide a diagnosis and create a plan to curb immediate distress and medically soothe your pet’s mind in the long-term.

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Noah's Anxiety Plan

  • Condition Separation Anxiety
  • Medication Serotonin-boosting antidepressant
  • Behavior Plan Dr. Stacy’s Plan

Step 03

Get treatments delivered to your door.

We ship all prescribed medications to you each month— no more trips to the pharmacy or vet.

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Step 04

Ongoing care with a Dutch vet.

Our vets work around your schedule to guide you through behavior training, provide you with resources rooted in research, and adjust your plan as needed.

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Treatment plans based in science, starting at just $39/month.

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Developed with the nation’s leading anxiety specialists.

Rest easy knowing we’ve partnered with academics and behaviorists who have spent their careers devoted to anxiety research.
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Lisa Radosta headshot

Dr. Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB

Board-Certified Veterinary Behaviorist

I had a nervous dog growing up. We would always be so afraid to go on vacation knowing he’d miss us back home. These days, separation anxiety can be treated, and it’s so exciting to bring that relief to families across the country with Dutch.

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