Dog Urinalysis with Reflex Culture & Sensitivity Kit

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Did you know that AAHA, The American Animal Hospital Association recommends that dogs have a Urinary Health Screen every year, and twice a year for senior dogs?

Our Dog Wellness Test Bundle contains everything you need to run a Wellness Screen on your dog from the comfort of your home. Our test kit includes everything you need to collect a sample and ship it back to our state-of-the-art lab for analysis. 
It’s easy to use FetchDx.

  • Collect your sample at home
  • Register your kit at
  • Send your sample back to us with your pre-paid shipping label.

In less than 1 week, you and your Veterinarian will get the results via email and can be confident that you are putting your pet's health first! 
Having trouble obtaining your sample? We provide detailed instructions, videos, and even 24/7 Telehealth support from a Licensed Veterinarian!

The FetchDx Urinary Health Screen tests for Urine Protein Creatine Ratio, Quantitative Protein, Quantitative Creatinine, Specific Gravity, pH, Glucose, Ketones, Urobilinogen, Bilirubin, Blood, White Blood Cell Count, Red Blood Cell Count, Bacteria Count, EPI Cells, Mucus, Casts, Crystals, Color, and Clarity.

The Kit includes Instructions, Wee Wand (extends to 39 inches, adjustable angle), Eye Dropper, Sterile Collection Cup OR Sponge, Sample Tube, Gloves, Ziplock Bag, Return Box, and Shipping Label.

Avoid antibiotic resistance and potential treatment failure by using the FetchDx Dog Urine Testing Kit at the first sign of symptoms.

Our kit is more expensive than what other company's sell because our kit identifies all aerobic bacterial that are causing a urinary tract infection (UTI) as well as the antibiotics needed to treat them. This kit replaces the guess and check approach that leads to antibiotic resistance. The kit can also be used to determine if the infection is cleared up and when it is safe to stop administering antibiotics. 

The urinalysis results are available withing 24 hours of receiving your sample.

We work with IDEXX Bioanalytics to analyze your dog's urine and provide a complete bacterial culture and antibiotic resistance report to you and your veterinarian in 2-3 business days after we receive the sample.

Each Dog Urine Kit includes Instructions, Wee Wand (extends to 39 inches, adjustable angle) with either a Cup or Sponge holder, Eye Dropper, Sterile Collection Cups, Sample Tube, Gloves, Ziplock Bag with absorbent pad, and a 2-Day FedEx Return Shipping Label.

NEW!!! The Wee Sponge (patent pending) is great for small dogs and dogs that get low to the ground when doing their business. The Wee Sponge is less than a half inch tall. 

Urine kits are good for 3 years. Store dry at room temperature. Purchase one today to be ready for the next time your dog has urinary tract issues or to monitor your dog's health. 

For both dogs and cats.

Results provided within 24 hours of receiving the sample.

Standard fecal float test for ova and parasites. Giardia is run as an ELISA test.

Each kit includes a 2-Day return shipping label, gloves, collection tube, specimen bag, and ice pack. 

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