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Making your cat feel special is an everyday job for pet parents, but birthdays are the perfect occasion to spoil your furry friend a little more than usual. In this article, we'll share our top seven cat birthday party ideas for a super-fun cat birthday party. You'll have a great time, and your cat will enjoy their special day, too!

1. Pick a purr-fect party theme

Looking for a place to start with your ideas for your cat's birthday party? Start by picking a theme. Here are a few cat-centered concepts to get the party started:

      • Think pink. Plan a party with pink décor. Make pink party hats. Deck your serving table with a pink tablecloth. Lay out salmon treats for your cat and any visiting cats you bring to the occasion. Wear a fluffy pink robe, and dress your cat in an adorable pink sweater.
      • Cat spa day. Make your cat's birthday an occasion for feline massages. Scent the room with catnip or relaxing pheromones. Lay out little catnip treats. Offer your human guests fluffy robes or pajamas and make it a spa day for them, too.
      • Picnic pawty. Does your cat love going outside? Take them out for a picnic. Remember to use a leash or a cat backpack, or stay in an enclosed area to make sure your cat does not get too adventurous and run away. Pet parents should also ensure their cat is microchipped before going on any outside adventures.

2. Do some decorating

When it comes to decorating for your cat’s birthday, remember that cats are especially talented climbers. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that your cat can’t reach any decorations that could potentially cause them harm.

Additionally, make sure to research cat-safe plants in case you’re buying any festive flowers or plants for the special occasion.

3. Make some pet-friendly accessories

Let's face it. Many cats don't like getting dressed up. But any cat will look adorable in a party hat with a poof ball on top. If your cat likes to dress up, consider a fantasy theme. Give your cat a lion's mane. Or dress your cat in a tuxedo with a top hat. You can even dress your cat in a fantasy costume. Maybe your pet will be a Super Cat for a day.

Remember, the most important part of your cat’s big day is to ensure they’re happy and comfortable, so don't force them into a costume that makes them feel otherwise.

4. Invite your kitty crew

If your cat likes to be social, invite some of their favorite humans over to come hang with them on their birthday. Remember to keep the invite list to only the friends they’re most comfortable with and make sure that your cat has access to their own space where they can find some calm amidst the birthday chaos.

Cat birthday party activity ideas

5. Set up some pawsome activities

What is the center attraction at any birthday party? It's opening presents! We have a complete list of pet gift ideas, including the best cat toys, such as the following.

      • Kitty tunnels and cat trees. Tunnels are a great place for your cat to turn into a den where they can nap undisturbed by other pets or their humans. Cat trees give cats exercise and a safe place to look down on their domain.
      • Scratching posts. Cats love to scratch – encourage them to release their energy appropriately by setting up a scratching post.
      • Lick mats. Cats love to lick up tasty treats. A lick mat provides a scratchy surface from which your cat can lick a tasty treat. They are a great way to distract your cat while you trim their nails or groom them.
      • Cat ball tracks. You release a ball that follows a track for your cat to swat away. The ball on the track requires the same skills that outdoor cats use in hunting, without the risks involved in hunting. The ball never fights back!
      • Scented hide and seek toys. Give your cat the experience of going on a hunt inside the safety of your home with a scented hide and seek toy. But make sure it does not have any detachable parts (like plastic whiskers or a plastic tail) or loose strings that your cat could break off and swallow.

6. Make and bake cat-themed treats

Cats like raw, meaty and fishy treats. Use this recipe inspired by ASPCA to make some tasty treats for the birthday pet:

Tuna Treat Recipe

    •  6 oz. tuna in water
    • 1 cup cornmeal
    • 1 cup flour
    • 1/3 cup water
    • Mix ingredients; roll dough into bite-sized treats. Bake at 350° F for 20 minutes. Cool & serve.

Recipe for tuna treats

7. Give out goody bags

If your guests also have cats, send them home with a small cat toy and some treats for their feline friends, and, of course, some human treats, too. 

The gift of good health

When party time is over, it's time to unwind. After all, napping is high on your cat's list of favorite activities! Let the piece de resistance of your cat's birthday be the best gift of all, the gift of lasting good health.

Every cat needs access to veterinary care. With Dutch, you can ensure that all of your cat health questions are answered with unlimited visits and follow up appointments all from the comfort of your own home. Access online vet care, get customized treatment plans, and have prescriptions delivered right to your doorstep. Learn more about Dutch by making an appointment with one of our 100% licensed vets today.


Should you celebrate your cat’s birthday?

Birthday parties are a fun way to celebrate and bond with your cat. Just be sure to consider your cat’s personality and think about how they’ll most enjoy their day — even if it means giving your cat some "me" time.

What day do I celebrate my cat's birthday if I don't know when they were born?

Celebrate the anniversary of the day they came into your lives. This can be the day you adopted your cat from the animal shelter or you can simply pick a date that works well for you. Your cat will enjoy the party all the same no matter when you plan it.

What do cats like to do on their birthday?

Every cat is a little different. Some cats live for treats. Some cats love their toys. Some cats love to get their treats from their toys. But if you have a happy relationship with your cat, your presence is the best gift you can give your cat. 

Cat looking at a pet-friendly birthday treat

Final Notes 

Celebrating your cat’s birthday is a great way to bond with your cat and show them just how much you care. Remember, ensuring your cat’s health and happiness is an everyday job. With Dutch, pet care is simplified thanks to our convenient online telemedicine platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dutch?

Dutch is an online veterinary pet telehealth service, created by pet parents and board-certified veterinary specialists. We use a science-backed approach to provide pets relief for their everyday physical and behavioral health issues. Dutch connects you with licensed veterinarians over video chat and messaging to help you get care for your dog or cat quickly wherever you are — without the stress or expense of a vet visit. We also partner with pharmacies who can deliver prescription medication (in applicable states only) and over-the-counter treatments directly to your door. Dutch isn’t a veterinary practice or pharmacy, but a company that helps facilitate these services for pet parents to make veterinary care more accessible to all.

What is a visit with Dutch like?

When booking a video call with a vet, you'll be asked a few questions about your pet’s health issue. Depending on the issue, you may also be asked to fill out a longer questionnaire about their symptoms and share photographs of them so our veterinarians can better understand what’s going on. You’ll then pick an appointment time that works best for you.

During your video call, one of our licensed veterinarians will talk to you about the symptoms your pet is experiencing, ask you questions, review your pet’s medical history if you’ve provided it, and answer any questions you have. The vet will ask to see your pet and their environment. And they may ask you to perform some simple checks on them if needed.

After your video call, the vet will send you a message with a custom treatment plan to help your pet feel better, including a link to buy any recommended prescription or over-the-counter medications. Place your order and we’ll ship it free.

How much will it cost for Dutch to treat my pet?

The Dutch membership starts at $11/mo for unlimited access to the vet. No more long waits for appointments or surprise bills.

In addition to the base membership plan, our veterinarians may also recommend additional medication (Rx and/or OTC) that you will have the option of adding to your plan at an additional cost.