Can Dogs Eat Zucchini?

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Yes, dogs can eat raw or cooked zucchini as long as it does not have any seasoning or oils on it. These additions can cause gastrointestinal upset, and in some cases, toxicity in dogs.  If you decide to give your dog zucchini, you may want to set aside a few chunks before you start cooking it. That way, you give your dogs a zucchini that does not contain any potentially harmful ingredients.

Below, we’ll answer some important questions, like, “is zucchini good for dogs?” and discuss how zucchini and other vegetables can safely be prepared for your pet.

Dogs can eat raw, steamed, and unseasoned zucchini

Are All Zucchini Products Safe For Dogs?

Can dogs eat zucchini? Yes, dogs are able to eat zucchini. In fact, zucchini is a nutritious food that has a lot of benefits. What about other zucchini products? Unfortunately, while dogs can eat unseasoned raw and cooked zucchini, not all zucchini-based products are fit for your furry friend.

Can dogs eat raw zucchini? Yes, dogs are able to eat raw zucchini. If you decide to give your dog cooked or steamed zucchini, that is fine as well. The most important thing to remember is that you should not give your dog zucchini that has any oil or seasoning on it. 

When is zucchini bad for dogs

What about zucchini bread and other baked goods? You may like eating zucchini bread, but it is not healthy for your dog. It has a tremendous amount of fat, which can cause a lot of GI issues. It also has a high sugar content, which could cause your dog to develop diabetes and other health issues. 

Additionally, some bakers use an artificial sweetener called xylitol as a sugar replacement in their baked goods. Xylitol is incredibly toxic for dogs, so you need to make sure you do not give anything with xylitol in it to your furry friend. That is why it is better to stay away from baked goods completely, even if they have zucchini in them. If your dog ingests an item with xylitol in it, contact your emergency vet or the Poison Control Hotline (888) 426-4435 immediately.

Finally, if you have fresh zucchini plants in your garden, they should be safe for your dog. You may not be happy if your dog eats your fresh zucchini plants, but they are not toxic to your pet. On the other hand, you need to check the identities of the other plants in your garden. There is a chance that not all of them are safe for your dog. 

Is Zucchini Good For Dogs?

Before you introduce a new food into your dog's diet, you should always talk to your veterinarian. You need to make sure the food is not only safe for your dog but also nutritious. You might ask your veterinarian, is zucchini good for dogs?

Zucchini has a lot of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It is also relatively low in calories. Therefore, zucchini could be a great snack for your dog every once in a while if he or she likes it.

List of nutritional benefits of zucchini

Some of the top benefits of giving your dog zucchini include:

  • Lots of Antioxidants: Zucchini is very high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are important because they can help you protect your dog's body against damage caused by free radicals. In particular, zucchini is very high in carotenoids. They can protect a wide variety of organ systems, reducing your dog’s chances of developing chronic medical conditions down the road. If you are interested in giving your dog zucchini, make sure to include the skin. The skin has the highest level of antioxidants and zucchini. 
  • High-fiber: Zucchini’s high fiber content can help promote a healthy digestive system by keeping your dog regular.
  • Low-calorie: As a low-calorie vegetable, zucchini can be a great snack to throw into your dog’s treat rotation. Unlike higher calorie options, zucchini won’t have a big impact on your dog’s daily caloric intake, making it an especially good option for dogs who are overweight.
  • Vitamin-rich: Zucchini also has a wide variety of nutrients that both dogs and people need to be healthy. For example, zucchini has lots of vitamin A, manganese, and vitamin C. Zucchini is also high in potassium, magnesium, and vitamin K. Finally, zucchini also has a lot of folate, copper, phosphorus, and B vitamins. All of these nutrients are important for supporting different organ systems, so they can be a great way for you to give your dog a nutritious snack.

How To Safely Give Your Dog Zucchini

Is zucchini safe for dogs? Yes, zucchini is very safe for dogs, but you need to make sure you feed it to your pet properly. There are several steps involved in this process. They include:

  1. Talk to your vet first: Before you give your dog zucchini, you need to talk to your veterinarian. You should get approval from your veterinarian to give your dog any new foods to ensure they won’t cause or contribute to any potential health issues. 
  2. Cut it into small pieces: Next, you should cut the zucchini into small pieces to ensure that it is not a choking hazard. Remember that the skin has a lot of antioxidants, so you should leave the skin in order for your dog to obtain the most benefit. You can give your dog zucchini cooked, raw, or steamed. 
  3. Do not add anything to the zucchini: Before you start giving your dog zucchini, remember that you should not add any oil or seasoning to it. Even though you might like to add some pepper, garlic, or oil to your own zucchini, this is unnecessary and potentially harmful for your dog. 
  4. Watch your dog carefully: The first time you give your dog zucchini, you need to keep a close eye on him or her. Even though zucchini is generally safe and nutritious, dogs can have allergic reactions to certain items. Some of the signs of an allergic reaction include coughing, vomiting, difficulty breathing, and confusion. If you feel like your dog is having an allergic reaction, you need to take your dog to the emergency vet right away.

If you follow these steps, you should provide your dog with a safe, nutritious snack. If you have questions about the types of foods you should give to your dog, reach out to your veterinarian for more information. 


How much zucchini can my dog eat?

Even though zucchini is safe for your dog, you need to be very careful with how much you give him or her. If you give your dog too much food, it could start to displace some of his or her typical caloric intake. What this means is that your dog may fill up on zucchini and might not have enough room left for dog food. Dog food has been specifically created for dogs. If your dog has not finished his or her dog food, he or she may become deficient in other important nutrients. Treats should never exceed more than 10 percent of your dog’s caloric intake.

Can dogs eat zucchini with skin?

Yes, dogs can have zucchini with skin on it, and it is better to give your dog zucchini with skin. Much of the nutritional value of zucchini comes from the skin, so be sure to leave the skin on when you give it to your dog. 

What other veggies are good for your dog?

There are plenty of other veggies that are good for your dog. For example, carrots, certain mushrooms, and broccoli are all safe for your dog. If you have questions about dog nutrition and diet, Dutch can help! Our network of veterinarians can recommend specific diets to meet your dog’s needs and prescribe treatment and medication as needed. 

Young woman with purple hair cooking dinner while dog watches in the background

Final Notes

Zucchini is generally safe for dogs to eat so long as it does not contain any additives such as oils, seasonings, or sugar and sugar alternatives. But before you feed your dog a slice of squash, make sure to check with your vet.

If you are interested in the types of foods that are good for your dog, you need to talk to an expert. Whether you have questions about food, toys, or health issues, Dutch can help. Our network of vets advise and treat a variety of pet issues from the comfort of home.


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