Dog Horoscope: What Your Dog’s Zodiac Sign Says About Their Personality

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If you like to read your own horoscope from time to time, you might wonder what's written in the stars for your dog. Dog astrology may be able to give you insight into your dog's personality and behavior, whether they're calm or rambunctious, and why they do the things they do. Most people know their own zodiac signs but don't consider dog astrology. Dog astrology can help you learn more about your dog to build a better relationship, or it can be a fun way to pass the time. 

Wondering what the stars have to say about your dog? Keep reading to learn more about dog zodiac signs. 

What Is A Horoscope?

A horoscope is a chart of the heavens in astrology

The word "horoscope" is derived from the Greek words "ōra" and "scopos," meaning "time" and "observer." Horoscopes are also known as natal charts, sky maps, and astrological charts. These charts serve as a type of divination to forecast events through the interpretation of the stars, the sun, the moon, and other planets.1

An individual horoscope plots the moment of birth and is used by astrologers to learn about someone's character and predict the future.1 This method of divination is based on the belief that everything in the universe is interrelated, including the stars and all living things. A dog horoscope functions the same way as a horoscope for humans and may be able to give you insight into your dog's personality. 

How Can Astrology Help Me Understand My Dog?

37% of US adults aged 18-29 believe in astrology, compared to 27% of all US adults

Using zodiac signs for dogs is a divinatory practice similar to tarot cards, crystal ball readings, and tea leaf readings. It has been recognized as a pseudoscience since the 18th century,2 with many scientific studies finding no correlation between astrology and personality.3 However, despite all the evidence that suggests astrology isn't factual, horoscopes can still be interesting and even comforting.4 27% of US adults believe in astrology and there's no way to say that it's not accurate. There are many types and traditions of this divinatory practice throughout history in different parts of the world. 

Despite all of the evidence that suggests astrology is counterfactual, horoscopes can still provide value and insight. As long as you understand that astrology isn't based on science, it can still be a fun activity for you to enjoy while hanging out with your dog, even allowing you to use it humorously to explain some of your dog's less-than-ideal behavior and quirks. Adopting a dog and want to know what their sign says about their personality? Without further ado, let's discuss your dog's horoscope to learn a little more about them. 


March 21-April 19

Aries is a fire sign that represents courage, independence, and aggression. Aries is symbolized by the ram, a symbol of leadership, with dogs born in late March and early April being independent, energetic, and assertive. These dogs may believe they're the alpha of the pack, walking you instead of being walked by you. However, they can be stubborn when training, so teaching them recall at a young age is important. 


April 20-May 20

Taurus is ruled by Venus and is symbolized by the bull. Taurus dogs are shy and crave security and comfort. You may find them lounging in the sun or enjoying a job on a calm afternoon. These dogs are practical and hard-working, and they love being out in nature. Taurus dogs can be stubborn, and they hate change, so small changes in their routine can cause anxiety and destructive behavior. Ultimately, they need a safe, quiet space where they can spend their time when they're feeling anxious. 


May 21-June 20

The Gemini dog is intelligent and independent. They don't like being owned. Rather, they prefer to have pet parents than owners. These dogs typically bond more with one member of the household, but they're quick learners, love exercise, and are affectionate. Even though these dogs are independent, you'll still know your dog loves you. Some Geminis can be neurotic and prone to separation anxiety because they love spending time with their humans. 

Gemini dogs can also be vocal, so they may whine or bark when they want something. In addition, Gemini dogs are curious creatures, which can get them into trouble.


June 21-July 22

Cancer's sign is the crab, and dogs born under this water sign can be motivated by emotion, making them sensitive and intuitive. These dogs know when their pet parents are upset and may try to comfort them. However, they can also easily become upset. Cancer dogs love food and snacks, but they're not a huge fan of exercise, so they prefer quick walks. These dogs can also be quite frightful and thrive in safe surroundings with their pet parents. 

Cancer dogs have a deep attachment to their pet parents, so they're prone to separation anxiety and may not do well alone at the vet or doggy daycare. Instead, they prefer to be by your side. 

Dog horoscope chart


July 23-August 22

The Leo dog is a born leader, strong and willful. Unfortunately, this can be a problem for some pet parents because they'll need a firm yet gentle hand when it comes to training. Leos are known for their stubbornness, but they have relatively easy going personalities and do well with other dogs and people. 

Leos are the leaders of their packs, so don't be surprised if your dog starts bossing you around. However, they're known for their loyalty and charismatic personalities, and they love to be groomed, so you should spend some time showing them how much you love them to help them feel their best. 


August 23- September 22

Virgo dogs love stability and routine and may get anxious when they don't have a daily routine so they know what to expect. However, if you're consistent, they can be joyful dogs that are calm and loving. However, they can become anxious quickly if they feel threatened. 

Virgos are dedicated, hard-working dogs that love to have a job. They may seem like more serious dogs, but they love to play as long as it's on their own schedule. 


September 23- October 22

Libras are ruled by Venus, a sign of beauty. These dogs are always handsome or well-groomed, and they love getting compliments. Libra is also the sign of love and marriage, creating harmony and tranquility wherever they go. These dogs are lovers known for their charm and always seem to be by your side when you need them most. They are dependable and attached to their pet parents, preferring company over being alone. They can become stressed in a chaotic environment and prefer mellow and peaceful surroundings instead of adventure like more energetic dogs. 


October 23-November 21

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto with the dog zodiac sign of the scorpion. This water sign is highly emotional and strong-willed. They seem to have a way of always getting what they want, and they need daily exercise to relieve their stress. Without structure in the form of a daily routine, they can take advantage of you. These dogs are loyal to one person, but it may take time for them to build trust. Once you earn a Scorpio's trust, though, you have a friend for life. 

However, these dogs have great memories, so you should never wrong a Scorpio dog; they will remember it. Because of their strong-willed nature, your Scorpio dog may act out when they don't get what they want, which may appear in the form of destructive behavior, urinating indoors, and being stubborn overall. 


November 22- December 21

Sagittarius is a traveler and philosopher. These dogs are engaging, sociable, and love people and other animals. They make friends easily and always seem to be happy. Ruled by Jupiter, their sign is the archer, a fire sign that loves a challenge. Of course, you should still watch your Sagittarius dog around others because their fun-loving nature can get them picked on by other dogs. Still, they love all the attention you give them and want to be with you at all times. While this trait might sound great if you love spending time with your dog, it can cause separation anxiety, so it may be best to get them a sibling they can spend time with while you're away. 

In addition, Sagittarius dogs get bored easily, so you'll need to find a way to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. 


December 22- January 19

Capricorns are poised and self-assured. They're intelligent and require very little training or guidance while training, making them some of the best dogs for first-time owners. However, you should still take time to train your dog, but unlike other dogs, they might take to training easily. Capricorn dogs are responsible and authoritative. They have a strong work ethic, so they should have a job they can do since they won't have fun snoozing on the couch. Instead, they make great guard dogs. 


January 20- February 18

Aquarius dogs are intelligent and eccentric. If your dog is born under this water sign, they may be more stubborn and rebellious. This can be a difficult combination because they're also highly intelligent and like to do whatever they want. Training can be difficult if you don't start early, but since they're smart, they're always ready to learn something new. Unfortunately, Aquarius dogs aren't as cuddly as other dogs on this list, but they can be outgoing and social. Mostly, they're unpredictable and can go from napping on the couch to running around the house with a case of the zoomies. 


February 19-March 20

Pieces is the 12th and final sign of the dog zodiac. It's symbolized by two fish swimming in the opposite direction, which reflects the changing personality of these dogs. If you have a Pisces, it might sometimes feel like you have two separate dogs; one that's eager to please and another that can be moody. However, don't take it personally; that's just how Pisces dogs are. In general, they're affectionate, peaceful, and love to spend time with their humans. Sometimes Pisces can come off as aloof or anti-social, but they might just be deep in thought. 

Dog wearing a ram hat outdoors

Final Notes

Have these dog horoscopes given you insight into your pup's personality and behavior? While astrology isn't recognized as a science, learning about your dog based on when they were born can be fun. However, some signs seem more prone to anxiety and separation anxiety than others. Talk to a vet if you're worried about your dog's anxiety. Dutch can help diagnose and treat separation anxiety from the comfort of your own home, helping your dog avoid stressful trips to the vet. 



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