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Why pet owners are switching to online vet care with Dutch

  • Prescriptions delivered free to you

  • Fast access to Licensed Vets over video

  • Unlimited video visits and follow-ups

Earlier this week, Fuzzy Pet Health, a well-known telemedicine platform for pets, shut down its operations, leaving pet parents worried about how to continue their pet’s care. If you’ve been affected by Fuzzy’s shutdown, Dutch is here to help, offering a $48 discount on your annual subscription when you sign up. 

With Dutch, you can ensure that your pet has continued, quality care with unlimited access to licensed vets and prescriptions shipped free to your home.

Read on to learn more about what happened to Fuzzy and how Dutch can assure your pet gets the best care with 24/7 access to online licensed vets with unlimited follow-ups. 

What Happened to Fuzzy Pet Health?

Customers were shocked this week when they discovered the website for Fuzzy Pet Health had been taken down. The San Francisco-based pet telehealth company shut down without warning, leaving customers without access to prescription refills or televet appointments.1

Fuzzy Pet Health has dealt with some issues in recent weeks, including mass layoffs and the winding down of operations.1 However, the company appears to be closed for business, with customers taking to social media to find out what happened.  

The shutdown was confirmed in a LinkedIn post by Dr. Cherice Roth, the Former Chief Medical Officer for Fuzzy, stating, "Fuzzy as we know it was unexpectedly shut down this week."

Unfortunately, it's unclear exactly why Fuzzy has shut down, and we may never get a full answer. However, that doesn't mean that former customers won't have access to telemedicine for pets. If you're a former Fuzzy customer wondering where to fill pet prescriptions or how to get telemedicine for your pet now that Fuzzy is gone, try Dutch. 

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Get Online Pet Care & 24/7 Support With Dutch 

In her LinkedIn post, Dr. Roth states that the failure of Fuzzy was a failure of a veterinary telemedicine company, not the failure of veterinary telemedicine. Dutch aims to prove her right. 

With Dutch, you can get online pet care and support 24/7, any time of day or night. We're offering $48 off of subscriptions for new members, allowing you to save even more on pet care. We understand the costs of pet ownership can be high, but veterinary telemedicine strives to reduce costs while improving accessibility to pet care. 

With telemedicine for pets, pet parents no longer have to worry about their dogs or cats not getting the care they need because they don't have a vet. Now, you can schedule a non-emergency medical appointment with a licensed vet in your state to get your pet the care they need when they need it most. 

With Dutch, you'll be able to meet with a vet online and have unlimited follow-ups included in the cost of your membership, ensuring all of your pet care questions are answered. 

In addition, our online pet pharmacy allows us to deliver prescriptions right to your door. Our online store also features non-prescription products you can purchase, including food, treats, and supplements. 

Your Dutch membership can be bundled with our new pet insurance offering. With our Annual + Insurance plan, you'll get access to 100% licensed vets, customized treatment plans tailored to your pet's needs, unlimited Dutch vet calls, free shipping on products from our shop, and virtual care for up to five pets. In addition, you'll receive $10,000/yr accident insurance that protects you and your pet. 

Try Dutch today to get online care for your pet, or read our FAQs to learn more about us.


Is veterinary telemedicine legal? 

Yes, veterinary telemedicine is legal. However, the services that can be provided online vary by state. How your state requires the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) to be established will ultimately impact the type of care your pet can receive with telemedicine. 

Telemedicine is client-facing and includes the delivery of information to a particular patient. It's allowable within an established VCPR. On the other hand, non-client-facing models deliver general advice. 

Many states allow vets to establish VCPR remotely, meaning by talking to a Dutch vet today, your state may allow us to begin treating your pet. However, some states, such as California, don't allow you to establish VCPR remotely. Instead, these states require VCPR to be established in person, usually with one in-person vet visit a year at minimum. 

If your state doesn't allow us to establish VCPR remotely, we can still provide general advice. However, we can't diagnose illnesses or prescribe medication. On the other hand, if your state does allow us to establish VCPR online, we can provide you with a full range of veterinary services, including diagnoses and prescription treatments. 

When you make an appointment, you can choose an Rx appointment or an advice-only appointment, depending on how your state allows us to establish VCPR. In either case, the vet you meet will be licensed to provide you with guidance in accordance with state law. 

Is online vet care safe?

Online vet care with Dutch is safe. However, our vets cannot perform emergency medical services. If your pet is having a health emergency, they should be taken to the nearest emergency vet clinic as soon as possible. 

For non-emergency vet visits, telehealth can be a safe and effective way for pets to get the care they need for common conditions. Not all vet appointments need to happen in person. Instead, there are some ailments we can diagnose by talking to the pet parent and reviewing photos and videos of the animal. For situations when we can't diagnose an illness based on photos or videos, we may request diagnostics that require an in-person vet visit before we can safely prescribe medication. 

Some pets may benefit from telemedicine more than others because it's much less stressful than going for a car ride to the vet and being in a veterinarian's office with other animals and people. Vet visits can be stressful for people and their pets, and online vet care can be a safe alternative when appropriate. 

Still, virtual vet care should never replace in-person care, especially when it comes to annual wellness exams, vaccinations, and diagnostic testing like blood, urine, and fecal tests.  

The health and safety of your pet is our top priority. If, at any point, our vets believe it will be safer for your pet to get in-person care, they'll refer you to a licensed veterinarian in your area. 

Can I get my pet's prescription filled online?

Yes, with Dutch, you can get your pet's prescription filled online. However, it's important to note that Dutch itself is not a pharmacy. Instead, we have a mail-order pharmacy partner that takes care of the delivery of your pet's medication from click to doorstep. 

How does Dutch work? 

Dutch is a telemedicine for pets platform that allows pet parents to connect with licensed vets in their state for advice, diagnosis, and treatments of common pet conditions. We use a science-backed approach to treat physical and behavioral health issues ranging from ear infections to anxiety. 

When you sign up for Dutch, you can communicate with a licensed vet through video chat and direct messaging to help you get care for your pets regardless of where you are. 

Use Dutch when traveling or if your dog or cat is suffering from a non-emergency health condition that can be treated online. We also offer regular advice to help pet parents ensure the health and happiness of their beloved animal companions. 

We can deliver prescriptions and non-prescriptions directly to your door after you meet with a vet who can help diagnose and treat a wide range of health issues in dogs and cats. To start using Dutch, all you have to do is follow four simple steps:

  1. Pick a plan & become a member: When you sign up for Dutch, you can choose a monthly or annual plan for maximum savings. 
  2. Video chat with a vet: After becoming a member, you can schedule your first appointment with a Dutch vet. 
  3. Get prescriptions and other pet care products: Your vet can recommend non-prescription products to support your pet's physical and behavioral health while prescribing medications based on their diagnosis. 
  4. Schedule follow-up appointments & get unlimited care: After we've begun treating your pet, you can schedule unlimited follow-up appointments to ensure they're getting the highest quality of care. In addition, you can get unlimited care for your pet day or night. 

In addition to 24/7 access to licensed vets, unlimited care, and customized Rx treatment plans, Dutch members can also expect:

  • Free shipping on every order
  • Virtual care for up to 5 pets
  • Unlimited video calls & direct messaging

Can I keep my regular vet?

While veterinary telemedicine can do a lot, it can't do everything for your pet. In-person annual exams, diagnostic testing, and vaccinations will always be something you'll need to ensure your pet's health. 

However, while you'll still need to see a vet at least once a year, depending on your pet's age and health needs, you can eliminate some of the stress associated with vet appointments by turning to telemedicine. For instance, if your pet has diarrhea, ear infections, allergies, anxiety, or any other common health concern, a Dutch vet may be able to help. 

In addition, we can transfer records electronically to your vet as long as you provide us with their information. This way, your Dutch vet team and regular vet will always be on the same page and clearly understand your pet's health. 

What conditions can Dutch vets treat? 

Dutch vets can treat a wide range of physical and behavioral health concerns in cats and dogs, including anxiety, allergies, ear infections, urinary issues, flea & tick, GI upset, and more, all while providing pet parents with advice that helps their pets live happy, healthy lives. 

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Final Notes 

While the news of Fuzzy's shutdown saddened many pet parents, hope is not lost. Veterinary telemedicine has made great strides over the past several years, allowing companies like Dutch to help pet parents and their pets. 

Telemedicine for pets eliminates the stress of unnecessary vet visits while providing dogs and cats with better access to high-quality care. Become a member of Dutch today.


  1. Council, Stephen. "SF Startup Fuzzy Abruptly Shuts down, Employees Left in the Dark." SFGATE, 20 June 2023, www.sfgate.com/tech/article/san-francisco-pet-startup-fuzzy-shuts-down-18161874.php

Memberships to keep your pet healthier

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  • Free shipping on every order

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dutch?

Dutch is an online veterinary pet telehealth service, created by pet parents and board-certified veterinary specialists. We use a science-backed approach to provide pets relief for their everyday physical and behavioral health issues. Dutch connects you with licensed veterinarians over video chat and messaging to help you get care for your dog or cat quickly wherever you are — without the stress or expense of a vet visit. We also partner with pharmacies who can deliver prescription medication (in applicable states only) and over-the-counter treatments directly to your door. Dutch isn’t a veterinary practice or pharmacy, but a company that helps facilitate these services for pet parents to make veterinary care more accessible to all.

What is a visit with Dutch like?

When booking a video call with a vet, you'll be asked a few questions about your pet’s health issue. Depending on the issue, you may also be asked to fill out a longer questionnaire about their symptoms and share photographs of them so our veterinarians can better understand what’s going on. You’ll then pick an appointment time that works best for you.

During your video call, one of our licensed veterinarians will talk to you about the symptoms your pet is experiencing, ask you questions, review your pet’s medical history if you’ve provided it, and answer any questions you have. The vet will ask to see your pet and their environment. And they may ask you to perform some simple checks on them if needed.

After your video call, the vet will send you a message with a custom treatment plan to help your pet feel better, including a link to buy any recommended prescription or over-the-counter medications. Place your order and we’ll ship it free.

How much will it cost for Dutch to treat my pet?

The Dutch membership starts at $11/mo for unlimited access to the vet. No more long waits for appointments or surprise bills.

In addition to the base membership plan, our veterinarians may also recommend additional medication (Rx and/or OTC) that you will have the option of adding to your plan at an additional cost.