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Experience outstanding expertise, unmatched convenience, and the peace of knowing your furry friend is in trusted hands.

Unmatched expertise

From the bustling streets of Birmingham to the tranquil shores of Mobile Bay, our network of Alabama veterinarians provide specialized care, catered to your pet’s unique needs.

Effortless accessibility

Say goodbye to lengthy drives from Huntsville or extended appointment wait times. With Dutch, expert veterinary assistance is just a tap away.

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Count on our licensed Alabama vets for continual support, from video consultations and messaging to prompt prescription deliveries to your doorstep.

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Here's how it works:

  • Choose your subscription: Opt for Dutch's monthly or annual offerings.
  • Connect with a vet in Alabama: After subscribing, set up a video chat with Alabama's esteemed veterinarians.
  • Prescriptions at your doorstep: Get your pet's medications delivered to your home at no additional cost. 
  • Unwavering support: Our Alabama veterinarians are committed to continuous care, accessible via video or direct messaging.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it so expensive to go to the vet?

Veterinary services encompass intricate procedures, equipment costs, and expertise. However, with Dutch's telemedicine platform, Alabama pet owners can access premium care more affordably. Our platform significantly reduces overhead costs, promoting efficient and cost-effective services.

Should your pet need in-person care, use our convenient clinic locator to find an Alabama vet near you.

Do all vets charge the same price?

The cost of veterinary services varies widely based on the state, the vet's qualifications, the nature of the condition, the treatment required, and other factors. In Alabama, prices can fluctuate due to local regulations and demand. Dutch offers a transparent pricing structure, and when paired with our pet insurance options, we ensure comprehensive yet affordable care.

Can my vet in Alabama treat all of my pet's medical issues?

Telemedicine is suited for consultations, common ailments, and follow-ups. However, emergency or severe conditions might require in-person care. That said, Dutch covers a vast array of treatments, bringing specialized care to your home virtually.

Are there specialty veterinarians in Alabama? 

Yes, Alabama boasts several veterinary specialists, just like other states. Dutch collaborates with top-tier specialists nationwide to design its protocols and questionnaires. This collaboration enables Dutch to offer the expertise of board-certified specialists, including some rare specialties, enhancing the care quality your pet receives.

How can I communicate with my veterinarian in between visits?

Through our convenient online platform, we enable seamless communication. Not only can you have real-time video chats with your Alabama vet, but you can also share information through email, text, or by uploading photos and videos. This constant connection ensures your pet always has access to expert advice, even outside of scheduled sessions.

Dutch pets get treatment for:

Ditch the long waits and traditional veterinary clinics. From the heart of Birmingham to the coastal realms of Mobile, Dutch brings Alabama pet owners world-class veterinary services, all from the comfort of home.


Dive into Dutch's advanced treatment plans and give your pets the relief they deserve from stubborn allergies.

Anxiety issues

Tap into Dutch's specialized solutions, designed to ease dog anxiety and its related challenges.

Ear health

With Dutch, you're equipped with powerful treatments for ear infections, ensuring quick relief and reducing recurrence risks.

Defensive measures

Protect your furry friends from unwanted pests using Dutch's vet-recommended flea and tick preventions.

Digestive health

Navigate through common digestive issues, from vomiting to diarrhea, with Dutch's expert interventions.

Dietary insights

Rely on Dutch's comprehensive nutrition advice, backed with customized meal plans for your pets.