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  • Choose your subscription: Opt for a monthly or annual subscription that aligns with your pet’s health needs and budget. 
  • Virtual vet visit: Schedule a video chat with one of our trusted, licensed vets in Illinois to talk about your pet’s health or behavioral concerns. 
  • Get prescriptions: Have your pet’s prescriptions delivered directly to your home at no extra cost. 
  • Consistent care: Your membership gives you access to a vet when you need it most. Through video sessions and instant messaging, our Illinois veterinary experts are ready to help. 

Frequently asked questions

Why is it so expensive to go to the vet? 

Vets in Illinois often come with significant costs due to clinic operations overheads, vet education, advanced tools, and specific medicines. In addition, the more diagnostic tests they have to run to accurately treat your pet, the more expensive your visit will be. 

Luckily, sometimes, there’s no need to go to an in-person clinic. With Dutch, you can get your pet the care they need from the comfort of home, reducing some of the costs associated with physical clinics. Should your pet need in-clinic care, simply use our clinic locator to find a vet near you.

Do all vets charge the same price?

No, vets in Illinois don’t charge the same price. Even prices on various medications and tests can vary due to their location, specific expertise, and your pet’s individual needs. Dutch offers a transparent pricing model, making pet care more accessible with more inclusive pet care costs and free medication deliveries. 

However, sometimes pets need to go to an in-person clinic for care and treatment, which is why we also offer pet insurance. Our pet insurance can help you cover the costs of emergency pet care that can provide your pet with life-saving treatment. 

Can my vet in Illinois treat all of my pet’s medical issues?

Traditional veterinary clinics and telemedicine both play essential roles in comprehensive pet care. With Dutch, you can supplement your in-person appointments by addressing a spectrum of common health concerns without compromising on quality of care. 

For traditional in-person appointments, use our clinic locator to find a vet near you.

Are there specialty veterinarians in Illinois? 

Illinois is home to many veterinary specialists with niche expertise. Dutch partners with some of these experts to design our questionnaires and treatment protocols to ensure you can tap into the knowledge of top vets in their fields. 

How can I communicate with my veterinarian in between visits?

Keeping in touch with your vet is easy with Dutch. Whether through direct messaging via our member website or by scheduling an appointment, you can ensure consistent communication to ensure your pet gets the attention they deserve. 

Dutch pets get treatment for:

Dutch makes veterinary care accessible, efficient, and comprehensive. We offer a wide range of services and treatments to help your pet live a happy, healthy life. 


Get treatment plans designed to combat pet allergies.


Receive a tailored treatment plan for pet anxiety for your dog or cat. 

GI uses

Address GI issues like vomiting and diarrhea

Hair loss

Discover the reason for your pet’s hair loss and get a comprehensive treatment plan. 


Address respiratory concerns that can lead to coughing in pets. 

Ear infections

Secure potent treatments to tackle ear infections, delivering prompt relief and minimizing the risk of future outbreaks.