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Connect with local Texas veterinary experts to get the best care tailored to your pet’s needs. From specialty services to guidance and more, browse our list of veterinarians in Texas to find your pet the best care in the Lone Star State. 

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Gain access to specialized expertise, unmatched ease, and the ultimate assurance for your pet’s health. 

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From the dynamic streets of Dallas to the tranquil landscapes of Hill Country, our expansive network of leading Texas vets is focused on your pet’s distinct needs. 

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We’re revolutionizing pet care with premier online veterinary services. Through Dutch, specialized pet care is just a few clicks away, ensuring convenience and peace of mind for pet parents and their beloved animal companions.

Here how it works:

  • Pick your plan: Start by choosing a subscription plan with Dutch, either on a monthly or annual basis. 
  • Consult with a vet virtually: After subscribing, set up a video chat with a licensed vet in Texas to discuss your pet’s specific needs. 
  • Doorstep prescription delivery: If your pet needs prescriptions, we’ll ensure they’re delivered right to your door at no additional cost. 
  • Ongoing care: With unlimited video calls and direct messaging, our Texas veterinary experts are always available to answer your questions. 

Frequently asked questions

Why is it so expensive to go to the vet in Texas? 

Going to vets in Texas can be expensive due to factors like clinic location and specialty expertise. Your pet’s diagnosis and treatment will also impact the costs, as ongoing care costs will add up over time. One of the most influential factors as to why vet visits are so expensive is overhead. Vets have rent, staff, and medical suppliers to pay. 

However, telemedicine presents a cost-effective solution by eliminating physical clinic overheads and providing convenient consultations, advice, and even some treatments from home. With Dutch’s subscription model, Texas pet parents can budget predictably for their pets’ care, ensuring quality without the traditionally high costs of in-person visits. 

Do all vets charge the same price?

No, vet prices can significantly vary based on factors like location, regulations, the vet’s licensure, and your pet’s condition and treatments. This variability can make budgeting for pet care unpredictable. However, Dutch offers a solution by providing consistent telemedicine rates in the form of a subscription. When paired with our pet insurance, this can make veterinary care for your pet more affordable.

Can my vet in Texas treat all of my pet’s medical issues?

While your vet in Texas can address many of your pet’s medical issues, there’s a distinction between emergency care and telemedicine services. Emergency situations require immediate, in-person attention, whereas telemedicine services excel in addressing non-urgent concerns, consultations, follow-ups, and preventive care. 

Dutch offers a wide array of treatments and preventions for everything from skin conditions, allergies, and ear infections to behavioral problems like anxiety. 

Are there specialty veterinarians in Texas? 

Yes, there are specialty vets in Texas. Dutch collaborates with veterinary specialists, who are leaders in their respective fields and have undergone additional training to achieve board certification in their specialties. 

Given their rarity nationwide, Dutch’s association with these experts, including our work with 4 of the mere 80 board-certified veterinary behaviorists in the US, ensures that pet parents gain access to top-tier expertise that might be hard to find locally.

How can I communicate with my veterinarian in between visits?

To communicate with your Texas veterinary expert, Dutch’s platform allows you to share your pet’s medical information electronically. This way, vets can evaluate and consult on your pet’s condition. You can engage with vets in real-time through video chats or asynchronously via direct messages and by uploading videos and photos.

Dutch pets get treatment for:

Dutch brings quality veterinary care right to your living room. Common pet ailments we treat include the following: 

Behavioral issues

Get protocols crafted just for your pet to address anxiety and behavioral challenges. 

Skin concerns

Keep your pet’s skin healthy with treatments for allergies, irritations, and more. 

Dietary consultations

Tailor your cat or dog’s nutrition with guidance from experts. 

Preventive care

Safeguard your pet with preventive treatments like flea and tick care and heartworm prevention

Chronic conditions

Manage long-term health issues with continuous care. 

General health queries

Address everyday concerns, from minor ailments to general wellness.