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Locate the best vets in Ohio for your beloved pet. From Cleveland to Cincinnati, Columbus to Toledo, Dutch offers Ohioans the chance to connect with highly-rated veterinarians in Ohio committed to the well-being of their pets.

Get high-quality pet care from home

Experience exceptional pet care at your convenience with Dutch. We provide:

Specialized expertise

Dive into a network of Ohio's best veterinarians, each dedicated to delivering exceptional care personalized for your pet.

Stress-free consultations

With Dutch, there's no need to travel between vet clinics in Ohio. We streamline expert advice and care at the tip of your fingers.

Continuous monitoring

Our platform ensures your pet's health remains a priority with constant support and open channels of communication.

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Talk to an Ohio vet today

Dutch's telemedicine service makes it easier than ever to consult with top vets in Ohio.

Here’s our streamlined process:

  • Pick your subscription: Opt for a Dutch subscription that aligns with your preferences and budget.
  • Set your appointment: Arrange a digital session with a licensed vet in Ohio to discuss any pet health concerns. 
  • Medications at your door: If prescriptions are necessary, you can rely on Dutch to deliver them directly to your doorstep, or you have the option to pick them up from your preferred pharmacy.
  • Consistent guidance: Through video interactions and direct communication, Dutch ensures that you have access to Ohio veterinarian insights whenever you need them.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it so expensive to go to the vet? 

Running traditional veterinary clinics in Ohio involves various overhead costs, including clinic maintenance, the upkeep of state-of-the-art equipment, and the employment of support staff.

Dutch's telehealth platform offers Ohio residents a cost-effective alternative. Our service ensures quality, accessible care while eliminating certain costs associated with in-person visits.

Do veterinarians in Ohio accept pet insurance?

In general, vets in Ohio operate on a payment-first model. After your payment, you can claim from your insurance and, based on your policy, get reimbursed. Many vet clinics in Ohio also offer structured payment plans for bigger bills. It's advisable to converse with your chosen vet about payment options. Additionally, Dutch offers pet insurance options, ensuring emergencies don't hinder optimal pet care.

What should I expect during a telemedicine appointment with my veterinarian?

Engage in real-time with an Ohio-based vet via Dutch. These digital sessions are designed to discuss health or behavioral concerns, enabling on-the-spot advice. On occasion, vets might ask for supplementary materials, such as videos or pictures, to get a well-rounded understanding.

Are there specialty veterinarians in Ohio? 

Dutch collaborates with a number of veterinary specialists across Ohio, influencing our diagnostic techniques and care protocols. These professionals possess additional training and certifications, making them stand out in their respective fields.

How can I communicate with my veterinarian in between visits?

Dutch simplifies communication by acting as a bridge between you and veterinarians in Ohio. Share essential medical data, either via video interactions, messages, or visual aids. When deemed necessary, vets might ask for visual demonstrations to ensure well-informed advice.

Dutch pets get treatment for:

Modernize your pet's care with Dutch. Our services are tailor-made for today's Ohio pet parents.

Allergy management

Crafted strategies to detect and tackle pet allergies.

Skin issues

Address skin problems with digital assessments and apt solutions.

Digestive concerns

Expert insights for common digestive issues like vomiting and diarrhea

Behavioral therapy

Comprehensive solutions for behavioral and stress-related concerns.

Joint discomfort and arthritis

Strategies for age or injury-induced joint problems.

Flea and tick defense

Protect your companion from pesky intruders withflea and tick preventionmeasures.