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Discover the best veterinarians in Maryland to ensure your pet receives the highest level of care. Whether you're in Baltimore, Annapolis, Bethesda, or any other part of the state, Dutch guarantees you can easily access high-quality veterinary care tailored for your beloved pet.

Get high-quality pet care from home

Work with the best veterinarians Maryland has to offer without stepping outside. We promise:

Specialized expertise

With some of the best veterinarians in Maryland at our helm, provide tailored care for every pet, ensuring they receive the best treatment.

Effortless engagements

Gone are the days of tedious drives and waits. With Dutch, your veterinarian in MD is just a click away. 

Peace of mind with transparent costs

Say goodbye to hidden costs. Dutch's transparent subscription model makes it simple to budget for your pet’s health.

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Dutch's innovative telemedicine for pets platform brings the best veterinary care right into your living room.

Here's how it works:

  • Choose your plan: Choose a Dutch subscription that suits your needs, whether it's on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Engage in a video session: Once onboarded, initiate a video consultation with one of our licensed vets in Maryland to explore your pet’s health.
  • Swift prescriptions at your doorstep: If your pet needs medications, rest assured they'll be promptly delivered to your residence at no extra cost.
  • Continual care: Through video sessions and direct messaging, our vets in Maryland are always available for follow-up consultations and ongoing care.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it so expensive to go to the vet?

The veterinary costs in Maryland, as in other areas, are influenced by several factors, including clinic overheads, the use of specialized equipment, and the extent of medical intervention necessary. In larger urban areas like Baltimore, operational costs may be somewhat higher.

Dutch’s online vet care introduces an innovative solution. Leveraging pet telehealth, we offer an efficient, convenient, and cost-effective way to access quality veterinary care.

Do all vets charge the same price?

Veterinarian charges in Maryland can vary widely, influenced by factors like location, expertise, and the array of services provided. 

With Dutch, we guarantee price transparency. The costs of video consultations and on-going follow-ups are included in your subscription. Medications from our online pharmacy also receive free delivery straight to your doorstep.

Can my vet in Maryland treat all of my pet’s medical issues?

While traditional clinics are adept at immediate and critical care, platforms like Dutch excel in consultations, routine checks, and non-emergency issues.

Dutch's digital platform offers solutions spanning from behavioral challenges to everyday health concerns like allergies. Combining online consultations with in-person veterinary visits ensures a comprehensive approach to pet care. Our clinic locator can guide you to a nearby vet clinic in Maryland.

Are there specialty veterinarians in Maryland? 

Yes, Maryland has many specialty veterinarians with additional training and board certifications in specific areas of pet health and behavior. Dutch collaborates with these specialists to provide top-notch care. Using Dutch means you can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of these specialists, which can be hard to find in traditional settings.

How can I communicate with my veterinarian in between visits?

With Dutch, staying connected with your veterinarian in MD post-consultation is simple and streamlined. Our platform enables real-time communication, be it through video interactions or text messages, ensuring your concerns are addressed promptly. 

Dutch pets get treatment for:

Dutch is changing the way we care for our pets. Address a wide range of pet health challenges from the comfort of your home with our diverse selection of services.


Our experts in Maryland help you tackle and manage pet allergies.

Ear health

Consult with our experts for ear health issues.

Parasite prevention

Protect your pets from pests like fleas and ticks with our guidance.

Digestive concerns

From vomiting to diarrhea, we've got you covered.

Joint discomfort

Our vets will help you understand and manage joint issues.

Respiratory solutions

Get expert insights into your pet's dietary needs, food allergies, and guidance on supplements and feeding practices.