Find a Veterinarian in South Dakota

Search for the top South Dakota veterinary experts, from the vibrant city of Sioux Falls to the historic landscapes of Rapid City. Whether you're looking for a Rapid City veterinarian or a specialist in another part of the state, Dutch ensures that South Dakotans have easy access to the best veterinary care to address the specific health needs of their pets. 

Get high-quality pet care from home

Get the gold standard of veterinary care in South Dakota without stepping out of your doorway. Trust in Dutch for unmatched quality. 

Personalized attention

Our experienced vets in South Dakota focus on individualized treatments, ensuring each pet gets the detailed care they deserve.

Streamlined consultations

Avoid long drives across the vast Dakota plains. With Dutch, you can schedule consultations and follow-ups from the comfort of your home.

Transparent pricing

No hidden fees or surprises. Dutch offers a clear subscription model, simplifying the process of budgeting for your pet's health.

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Talk to a veterinarian in South Dakota today

Exceptional veterinary care in South Dakota is just a few clicks away.

Here's how it works:

  • Choose your plan: Decide on a Dutch subscription that aligns with your requirements, be it monthly or annual.
  • Engage with a vet: Initiate a video consultation with one of our South Dakota vets to address health concerns or other pet-related topics.
  • Direct-to-door prescriptions: If medications are necessary, they're delivered straight to your home for your convenience.
  • Consistent support: Rely on our commitment to providing ongoing support. Through video or text, our South Dakota vets are always ready to address any concerns or queries.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it so expensive to go to the vet?

Veterinary care in South Dakota can sometimes come at a premium due to clinic overheads, unique treatments, and the specialized knowledge of the veterinarian. Dutch's telemedicine service, however, presents an alternative, offering South Dakotans access to top veterinary advice without the typical costs of traditional clinic visits.

Keep in mind that emergency veterinary services often come with higher prices, especially after hours. For those situations, Dutch offers pet insurance as an add-on to ensure your pet always gets the care they need. 

Can my vet in South Dakota treat all of my pet's medical issues?

Our South Dakota veterinarians are equipped to handle a wide range of pet health and behavioral issues. However, for urgent emergencies, immediate in-person attention is recommended. For standard consultations, Dutch offers a comprehensive and convenient solution.

Are there any telemedicine services or platforms specifically tailored to pet healthcare in South Dakota?

Absolutely, Dutch serves as your primary platform for specialized pet telehealth in South Dakota. Our partnership with recognized experts guarantees residents of the Mount Rushmore State have access to unparalleled expertise.

What should I expect during a telemedicine appointment with my veterinarian?

In a Dutch telemedicine consultation, you'll relay comprehensive information about your pet for assessment. Engage in real-time video chats, message exchanges, or share visuals of your pet to support the vet's diagnosis.

Can I request a prescription refill for my pet online, and how does it work?

Dutch makes the process of managing your pet's medicines straightforward. Following a detailed assessment, any needed prescriptions are promptly renewed and delivered to your location, ensuring sustained care without multiple vet trips.

Dutch pets get treatment for:

Explore the breadth of treatments Dutch provides, meticulously designed to address both standard and unique needs:

Behavioral guidance

Acquire expert strategies to handle anxiety, stress, and other behavioral issues in pets.

Nutritional insights

Receive in-depth advice on dietary essentials, potential food intolerances, and optimal feeding routines.

Allergy management

Collaborate with us to alleviate your pet's allergy symptoms, prioritizing their well-being.

Medication reviews

Engage in discussions about the efficacy and potential side effects of current medicines and learn about alternative treatment options.

Digestive health

Seek expert advice on gastrointestinal challenges, including vomiting and diarrhea.

Flea and tick defense: 

Protect your companion from pesky intruders with flea and tick prevention measures.