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Discover the top veterinarians in New Mexico. From Santa Fe to Albuquerque, Dutch ensures New Mexican pet owners can access high-quality veterinary services tailored to their pets' unique needs. 

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Experience unparalleled veterinary care in New Mexico without stepping outside your home. 

Specialized care

Our network of veterinarians crafts specialized treatment plans that cater to both health and behavioral concerns, ensuring your pet receives the individual care they deserve.

Convenient consultations

Avoid the unpredictable Southwestern weather. Get consultations, check-ins, and advice from the comfort of your home, the office, or wherever you are.

Clear cost structure

Benefit from an uncomplicated pricing structure devoid of unexpected fees with our transparent subscription model, making it easier to plan for your pet's health care expenses.

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In a matter of moments, you're aligned with high-quality veterinary care. Here's our user-friendly process:

  • Subscription choices: Select a Dutch subscription plan - be it monthly or annually.
  • Interact with a vet: Arrange a video appointment with one of our esteemed New Mexico veterinarians to address all your pet-related concerns.
  • Prompt prescription delivery: Should your pet need medicine, we ensure they're promptly dispatched to your residence at no added fee.
  • Continued assistance: Your subscription facilitates continuous support, be it through video sessions or texts. Always have a New Mexico vet at your fingertips for guidance.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it so expensive to go to the vet?

Visiting a vet, especially in New Mexico, can sometimes weigh heavily on the pocket due to clinic maintenance costs and the nature of services rendered. Specific examinations and specialized treatments can also escalate costs. A vet in New Mexico might also calibrate their fees based on their particular expertise. For instance, consulting a veterinary behaviorist might be priced higher than a general vet,  given their specialized focus.

Dutch telehealth provides an economical alternative, facilitating quality veterinary care minus the traditional clinic expenses. This optimized model guarantees your furry friend receives the best care without denting your finances. Additionally, we extend pet insurance for dire situations, so in emergencies, your focus remains on your pet's recovery and not the impending bill.

Can my vet in Rhode Island treat all of my pet’s medical issues?

While our New Mexico veterinarians are equipped to manage an array of health concerns, from common ailments to behavioral challenges, telehealth doesn't replace emergency care.

For critical health crises, it's imperative to rush your pet to the nearest emergency vet clinic. For more routine concerns or behavioral issues, Dutch ensures comprehensive service access.

Combining telehealth with traditional vet visits offers a full spectrum of care. Utilize our clinic locator to find a nearby vet facility.

Are there any telemedicine services or platforms specifically tailored to pet healthcare in Wisconsin?

Absolutely. Dutch tailors telehealth services for the pets of New Mexico. By partnering with top veterinary experts, such as board-certified veterinary behaviorists, we provide holistic care, making specialized services more accessible than ever.

What should I expect during a telemedicine appointment with my veterinarian?

A telemedicine session with Dutch involves sharing your pet's medical history, present conditions, and any concerns you might have. This can manifest in live video sessions, messaging, or sharing media like photos or videos, ensuring a well-rounded evaluation.

Can I request a prescription refill for my pet online, and how does it work?

Certainly! With Dutch, prescription management becomes a breeze. After your pet's evaluation, any necessary refills are dispatched directly to your address, ensuring a continuous treatment flow sans the hassle of multiple vet trips.

Dutch pets get treatment for:

Dutch offers a spectrum of pet treatments, addressing both general and specialized needs.

Dietary advice

Garner expert perspectives on ideal diets, potential allergens, and supplement advice.

Allergy management

Help your pet combat allergies, ensuring their utmost comfort.

Digestive wellness

Seek expert opinions on issues like persistent vomiting, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal challenges.

Joint discomfort and arthritis

Explore therapeutic solutions for aging or injury-related joint pain.

Hair loss solutions

Address the underlying causes of your pet's hair thinning or bald spots, ensuring a healthy coat.

Urinary health

From infections to bladder health, get comprehensive care for all urinary concerns