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Connect with experienced vets in Alaska. Find vets in Anchorage, Alaska, or the serene wilds of the Last Frontier. Dutch ensures access to quality vet care tailored to your pet.

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Dutch eliminates barriers. Whether you're in the heart of Juneau or remote Nome, access top-tier veterinary services from your home.


Dutch offers transparent pricing with a range of services, allowing Alaskan pet parents to budget efficiently and ensure their pet gets the care they deserve without hidden costs. 

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  • Continuous and unlimited support: With your active membership, the care for your pet never ends. Our Alaska vets are just a click away, ready for video sessions and messages to address all your questions and provide seamless care for your pet.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it so expensive to go to the vet?

The costs of Alaska vet services often mirror factors like clinic operational expenses, state-specific regulations, and the type of treatment or equipment used. Costs can be even higher in states or urban areas with higher costs of living. 

However, telemedicine for pets offers an alternative by granting access to premium vet services without the associated physical clinic costs. 

Dutch also offers pet insurance to help mitigate unexpected veterinary expenses, providing an added layer of financial security for pet owners. By combining the convenience of telemedicine with the peace of mind offered by insurance, Dutch ensures that pet parents in high-cost areas can affordably maintain their pet's health without compromising on quality of care.

Do all vets charge the same price?

Veterinary expenses in Alaska can fluctuate due to various factors like state regulations, the veterinarian's expertise, the specific condition, and the chosen treatment method. 

That's where Dutch excels. Our subscription-based vet services offer transparent pricing, making it easier to manage and predict your pet's health care costs in Alaska, providing you with a straightforward and hassle-free experience.

Do Alaska veterinarians offer telemedicine or online consultation services?

With the growth of digital health solutions, many veterinarians across Alaska are embracing veterinary telemedicine. This offers pet parents flexibility and convenience, with platforms like Dutch standing out by delivering expert telemedicine services tailored for pet healthcare. 

Are there any telemedicine services or platforms specifically tailored to pet healthcare in Alaska?

Dutch is a premier telemedicine for pets platform designed to cater to pets and pet parents across the nation, including Alaska. By collaborating closely with top veterinary specialists, including some of the rare board-certified experts in the US, we give Alaskan pet owners the advantage of accessing exceptional expertise without the need for long-distance travel. 

Can I request a prescription refill for my pet online, and how does it work?

Yes, with Dutch, getting a refill for your pet's medication is easy. You can place a request online. Once your request is approved, we'll ship your medication directly to you, ensuring an uninterrupted treatment regimen for your pet in Alaska. 

Dutch pets get treatment for:

Explore our treatment offerings that play a pivotal role in your pet's health. These common treatments lay the foundation for comprehensive and proactive veterinary care. 


Get specialized treatments to alleviate and manage allergies in cats and dogs. 

Behavioral & anxiety management

Receive proven strategies and solutions to address and correct anxiety-related behaviors and stress

Flea and tick control

Get preventive and curative treatments to protect your pet from these parasites.

GI health

Receive treatment designed for a range of digestive problems, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and more severe GI issues.

Nutritional counseling

Get expert advice and interventions on your pet's diet and nutrition, ensuring they receive the essential nutrients they need for optimal health.

Ear infections

Secure potent treatments to tackle ear infections, delivering prompt relief and minimizing the risk of future outbreaks.