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Our vets offer tailored and customized treatment plans to address health concerns and behavioral problems, ensuring your pet gets the individualized attention they deserve.

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    If your pet requires prescriptions, we'll have to deliver them to your door at no extra cost to you.
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    Your subscription guarantees endless support via video chats or direct messaging. Follow up with your Wisconsin vet with questions or concerns.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it so expensive to go to the vet?

Veterinary visits can be expensive due to the overhead expenses of an in-person clinic and the types of services your pet receives. For instance, specialized tests and treatments can significantly drive up the cost. A DVM in Wisconsin may also set fees based on specialties. For instance, a veterinary behaviorist may be more expensive than a regular vet because they specialize in behavioral issues. 

However, Dutch telemedicine offers Wisconsinites an affordable alternative, allowing access to expert veterinary care without the associated costs of traditional clinic visits. This streamlined approach ensures your pet gets the attention they deserve without straining your budget. We also offer pet insurance for emergency situations when you have to take your pet to an emergency clinic to help you focus on your pet's health instead of the costs. 

Can my vet in Wisconsin treat all of my pet's medical issues?

Our Wisconsin vets can handle many pet health concerns via telemedicine, ranging from common ailments like ear infections, allergies, skin issues, and GI upset to behavioral problems like anxiety. However, telemedicine can't offer emergency services. 

If you believe your pet is experiencing a health crisis, you should take them to the nearest emergency veterinary hospital as soon as possible. Should your pet need in-person care, use our clinic locator to find a veterinary clinic near you.

Are there any telemedicine services or platforms specifically tailored to pet healthcare in Wisconsin?

Dutch offers telemedicine for pets for Wisconites and their beloved animal companions. We engage with top veterinary specialists, as highlighted by our collaboration with board-certified veterinary behaviorists, to craft specialized questionnaires and treatment protocols. This collaboration means pet parents have access to specialized expertise, often rare to find.

What should I expect during a telemedicine appointment with my veterinarian?

During a Dutch telemedicine appointment, you'll share your pet's medical information for evaluation, diagnosis, and consultation. This can involve real-time video chats, messaging, or even sharing videos and photos of your pet through our user-friendly interface.

Tailored for your convenience, this approach allows for a more comprehensive assessment of your pet's health.

Can I request a prescription refill for my pet online, and how does it work?

Yes, with Dutch, managing your pet's medications is simple. Once your pet's needs are evaluated, necessary prescriptions can be refilled and conveniently shipped to your doorstep, ensuring continuity of care without the hassle of frequent vet visits.

Dutch pets get treatment for:

Explore the range of veterinary services and treatments we offer, tailored to address routine and specialized needs.

Behavioral and anxiety

Get individual strategies and guidance to manage your pet's stress, anxiety, and other behavioral issues.

Dietary & nutritional guidance

Get expert insights into your pet's dietary needs, food allergies, and guidance on supplements and feeding practices.


Let us help you manage your pet's allergies to provide them with comfort and relief.

Medication reviews

Discuss the efficacy and side effects of current medications or explore potential alternatives.

Digestive health

Get guidance for issues like vomiting, diarrhea, and other GI concerns.

Flea and tick defense

Protect your companion from pesky intruders with flea and tick prevention measures.