Find a Veterinarian in Michigan

Find the best vet in Michigan for your beloved animal companion, from Detroit to Grand Rapids, Lansing to Ann Arbor. Whether for routine health issues or specialized care, you can connect with licensed vets near you dedicated to your pet’s health and well-being. 

Get high-quality pet care from home

With Dutch, you and your pet can experience a seamless blend of high-quality veterinary expertise at your fingertips. We offer:

Unparalleled expertise

Gain access to a network of seasoned Michigan veterinarians, each committed to delivering the highest standards of care tailored for your pet.


Say goodbye to travel, waiting rooms, and scheduling hassles. With Dutch, you’re always just a click away from consultations and appointments. 

Continuous care and support

Our platform ensures your pet’s well-being is always monitored, offering unlimited follow-ups, direct messaging, and round-the-clock assistance. 

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Find a Veterinarian in Michigan

With Dutch telemedicine for pets, pet parents can consult with trusted vets in Michigan without leaving their homes.

Here’s how it works:

  • Select your subscription: Choose a Dutch subscription that aligns with your needs. 
  • Schedule an appointment: Effortlessly book a virtual consultation with a licensed veterinarian in Michigan at a time that suits your schedule.
  • Prescriptions delivered: If medications are required, we’ll have them shipped directly to your door, or you can choose to have them filled at your local pharmacy. 
  • Ongoing support: Through video sessions and direct messaging, Dutch ensures you can access veterinary insights and care whenever you need.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it so expensive to go to the vet?

Traditional veterinary care often comes with overhead costs, including clinic maintenance, equipment, and extra staff. In-person visits also usually mean comprehensive examinations and diagnostic tests, which can add up. 

With Dutch telemedicine services, you can save significantly by cutting out many overhead costs while still receiving high-quality care. By consulting veterinarians in Michigan virtually, you get timely, expert advice without the typical expenses associated with physical clinic visits. 

Does your pet need in-person evaluation or help with an urgent issue? Browse our vet clinic locator to find a vet near you.

Do veterinarians in Michigan accept pet insurance?

Typically, pet insurance doesn’t directly reduce your upfront costs at the vet’s office. Instead, you pay the vet as usual and then file a claim with your insurance provider. Once approved, the insurance company reimburses a portion of the costs based on your policy’s coverage. 

However, many vets in Michigan offer payment plans if you can’t pay the full cost of services. Check with your specific vet on payment options to determine the best option for you. 

For emergency situations, Dutch also offers pet insurance that ensures your furry friend receives the best care. 

What should I expect during a telemedicine appointment with my veterinarian?

During a telemedicine appointment, you’ll engage in a real-time video chat with a licensed Michigan veterinarian. This session is designed to discuss any health or behavioral concerns and get immediate feedback. In some cases, the vet may request additional photos, videos, or information about your pet to provide a comprehensive assessment. The goal is to offer you the same level of expertise and advice you’d receive during an in-person visit.

Are there specialty vets in Michigan? 

Dutch collaborates with veterinary specialists around the US who contribute to the design of our questionnaires and protocols. These specialists are among the best, having undergone additional training to earn board certification. 

For instance, while there are only 80 board-certified veterinary behaviorists in the nation, we’ve partnered with 4 of them to shape our anxiety questionnaires and treatment methods. Therefore, Michiganders can benefit from the expertise of these specialists they might not otherwise have access to. 

How can I communicate with my Michigan veterinarian in between visits?

With Dutch, you can share essential medical information about your pet through video chats and direct messages. If needed, our vets may ask for photos or videos of your pet to gain a better understanding and offer accurate advice.

Dutch pets get treatment for:

With veterinary telemedicine, caring for your pet is accessible, efficient, and comprehensive. We offer a diverse range of services and treatments designed for modern pet parents.

Allergy management

Receive a comprehensive approach to identify and treat pet allergies

Skin conditions

Get a remote assessment of skin conditions and guidance on potential treatments. 

Oral health assessments

Evaluate your pet’s dental health concerns with recommendations for care. 

GI health

Our vets will provide professional guidance on issues from ingestion to diarrhea and vomiting

Behavior problems

We offer comprehensive solutions for pet behaviors and anxiety

Flea and tick defense

Protect your companion from pesky intruders with flea and tick prevention measures.