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Searching for the best veterinarians in South Carolina? Whether you're from Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, or Myrtle Beach, find and compare local professionals who cater to your pet's unique health needs in the Palmetto State.

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Invest in top-tier pet services right from the comfort of your South Carolina home. Benefit from unparalleled expertise, remarkable convenience, and utmost peace of mind concerning your pet's health.

Specialized expertise

From the bustling streets of Charleston to Greenville's peaceful parks, benefit from a network of the best SC veterinarians.


Say goodbye to the inconvenience of traveling from Columbia to another city. With Dutch, world-class pet care is merely a virtual interaction away.

Peace of mind

Rest assured that experienced vets in South Carolina have your pet's best interests at heart. Our veterinarians are committed to the well-being of your furry friend.

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Dutch brings South Carolina veterinary expertise straight to you, combining unparalleled convenience with premium care. 

  • Choose your subscription: Explore Dutch's monthly or annual subscription models tailored to your lifestyle in the Palmetto State.
  • Engage with South Carolina veterinary experts: Once subscribed, initiate a video conversation with our veterinary experts in South Carolina, ensuring your pet's health is always a priority.
  • Get prescriptions delivered to your home: Receive your pet's medications delivered straight to your South Carolina doorstep at no additional cost.
  • Consistent vet care: Our subscription guarantees consistent care for your pet, offering video consultations and messaging facilities for comprehensive support from our South Carolina veterinarians.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it so expensive to go to the vet?

Physical veterinary clinics have overhead costs related to equipment, facilities, and staff. However, Dutch harnesses the power of telemedicine to provide pet owners in South Carolina with a cost-effective solution. By allowing consultations to occur remotely, Dutch offers top-quality veterinary care without the traditional expenses of physical clinic visits.

In addition, our pet insurance options make it easier to manage expenses when emergencies arise. Don't be afraid to take your pet to the emergency clinic. With pet insurance, you can focus more on your pet's health and less on the costs of treatment. 

Can my vet in South Carolina treat all of my pet's medical issues?

While many ailments can be addressed through telemedicine for pets, certain conditions, especially emergencies, require immediate physical intervention. Dutch offers a wide range of treatments and consultations suitable for telemedicine. For conditions beyond its scope, a physical vet visit in South Carolina would be necessary. Nonetheless, our platform remains a valuable resource for many routine check-ups and concerns.

How can I schedule an appointment with a veterinarian in South Carolina?

To schedule an appointment with a Dutch veterinarian in South Carolina, simply log into your Dutch account and pick a time slot that suits your availability. Our platform ensures that South Carolina residents have easy access to licensed vets.

For in person appointments, use our clinic locator to find a vet clinic near you! 

What should I expect during a telemedicine appointment with my veterinarian?

During a telemedicine appointment, expect a comprehensive consultation similar to an in-person visit. Your veterinarian will ask questions about your pet's symptoms, behavior, and general well-being. You might also share videos or photos.

How can I communicate with my veterinarian in between visits?

With Dutch, staying in touch is easy. Between visits, you can communicate with your veterinarian using video chats and live messaging. Our platform also allows you to share photos and videos of your pet, ensuring continuous care and guidance.

Dutch pets get treatment for:

Transition from traditional vet visits to modern, at-home pet care with Dutch. South Carolina residents can now access top-tier telemedicine solutions tailored specifically to their pets' unique needs.


Address your pet's allergies using prescription and over-the-counter remedies designed to provide immediate relief and long-lasting comfort. 

Anxiety management

Get tailored solutions and treatments designed for South Carolina pets to alleviate anxiety in dogs and reduce behavioral challenges.

Ear issues

Get solutions for common ear problems, offering swift relief and reducing the chance of future issues.

Flea and tick care

Defend your furry companion against pests using the best flea and tick preventives and treatments

Digestive concerns

Receive solutions for digestive discomforts, alleviating symptoms like upset stomachs and dietary irregularities.

Diet and nutrition

Seek professional advice on feline and canine nutrition, individualized meal strategies, and suggestions to enhance your pet's overall health.