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Dutch brings top-tier veterinary expertise right to you. With Dutch, accessing specialized care in Florida is as simple as clicking on a screen, offering convenience and peace of mind in one seamless experience. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose your subscription: Sign up for a Dutch subscription to best fit your needs. 
  • Video chat with a vet: Next, you can schedule a video consultation with one of our trusted, licensed vets in Florida to discuss your pet’s health and concerns. 
  • Receive prescriptions: Get your pet’s prescriptions conveniently delivered to your doorstep for free. 
  • Unlimited care: Your subscription ensures unlimited, flexible care for your pet. Our Florida veterinarians are always there for follow-up questions. 

Frequently asked questions

Why is it so expensive to go to the vet?

Traditional vet care in Florida might come at a premium due to factors like clinic overhead costs, the extensive education required to become a vet, advanced medical equipment, diagnostic testing, and the price of specialized medications and treatments. 

Cities like Miami and Tampa might have higher vet fees due to the higher cost of living in the area. However, Dutch offers an affordable digital solution to ensure pet owners can access vet services without the high costs of traditional in-clinic visits.

Do all vets charge the same price?

No, not all vets in Florida charge the same rates. Costs vary based on factors like location, overheats, and the vet’s expertise. With Dutch, pet parents get transparent pricing and the added advantage of free medication shipping. 

In addition, we offer pet insurance as an add-on to help you protect your wallet from emergency health crises. In cases when your dog or cat must see an emergency vet, having insurance can significantly alleviate the financial burden. 

Can my vet in Florida treat all of my pet’s medical issues?

While traditional clinics in Florida are well-equipped for a variety of situations, such as diagnostic testing and various types of in-person care, telemedicine is designed mainly for consultations, follow-ups, and non-emergency concerns. We cover a wide range of pet issues to ensure the most comprehensive care possible. 

If your pet needs in-person care, use our clinic locator to find a Florida veterinarian near you.

Are there specialty veterinarians in Florida? 

Yes, Florida is home to many specialty vets with advanced training. Dutch collaborates with these experts to create our treatment protocols and questionnaires. 

How can I communicate with my veterinarian in between visits?

Dutch ensures easy communication between pet owners and their Florida vets through video chat and direct messaging. Your vet may ask for photos or videos to better treat your pet. 

Dutch pets get treatment for:

With Dutch, Florida pet owners can address a range of issues:


Solutions for pets with anxiety issues.

Ear infections

Treatments for ear health.

Diet & nutrition

Guidance on pet nutrition and diet.

Joint pain and arthritis

Solutions for joint health.

Hair loss

Treatments addressing hair loss in pets.

Urinary health

Care for urinary health issues.