Find a Veterinarian in New Jersey

Discover the best vets in NJ. Offering specialized digital care, Dutch ensures your pet receives expert advice without leaving home. Whether you're looking for a vet in Newark, NJ, Cape May, or somewhere in between, Dutch brings you modern pet care designed just for your animal companion. 

Get high-quality pet care from home

Dutch brings world-class veterinary care to your living room, ensuring your pet's well-being is always a priority. Here's what sets Dutch apart:

Veterinary excellence

Connect with our elite group of experienced veterinarians in NJ, dedicated to offering the pinnacle of care suited to your pet's needs.

Hassle-free consultations

Avoid the stress of traditional in-clinic vet visits. With Dutch, expert NJ vet advice is always accessible online, anytime, anywhere.

Ongoing support & guidance

With Dutch, the care journey doesn't end after a consultation. Our platform provides continuous support, follow-up sessions, and easy communication for all your pet's needs.

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Talk to a NJ Vet today

Experience the convenience and expertise of Dutch's telemedicine services for pets in the Garden State. Navigate your pet's health from the comfort of your home while discussing their needs with the best vets in NJ. 

Here's how it works:

  • Select your subscription: Begin by choosing your ideal Dutch subscription – whether monthly or annual, find what aligns best with your pet's needs.
  • Schedule your appointment: Once you're subscribed, easily schedule a video chat with one of our vetted, licensed veterinarians in New Jersey to discuss any health concerns or questions about your pet.
  • Get prescriptions delivered: We ensure your pet's vet-recommended prescriptions are delivered straight to your doorstep with no added cost.
  • Receive continuous care: With Dutch, care doesn't end after one consultation. Through video sessions and direct messaging, our New Jersey veterinarians remain accessible for questions and ongoing care.

Frequently asked questions

Do all vets charge the same price?

No, vets in NJ and around the world charge different prices based on factors like location, licensure, and your pet's specific condition and treatment. No two vets are alike, so you can expect different prices for the same services no matter where you go. 

Dutch offers a transparent pricing model with our telemedicine service, ensuring affordability and quality. In addition, our pet insurance options provide added financial security to help you manage potential vet expenses better.

How can I schedule an appointment with a veterinarian in New Jersey?

Dutch makes scheduling a virtual appointment with a NJ vet simple. Just choose your desired subscription plan and select a date and time to connect with a trusted, licensed veterinarian via video consultation. From there, you can schedule continued care appointments, or connect with your veterinarian through direct messaging. 

To receive in-person care for your pet, use our vet clinic locator to find a New Jersey vet near you!

What should I expect during a telemedicine appointment with my veterinarian?

During a telemedicine appointment, you'll discuss your pet's health and behavior in real time and face-to-face with a licensed NJ vet. During this appointment, you can put your pet on screen or send your vet any relevant photos or videos to receive immediate professional advice. 

How can I communicate with my veterinarian in between visits?

Via the Dutch platform, you can communicate with your vet by sharing updates, asking questions, and providing information via video chats and direct messaging. Communication is always open, whether through video calls or messaging via our member website.

What should I do if my pet's medication runs out before the next delivery arrives?

Should you find yourself running low on your pet's medication, it's crucial to contact us as soon as possible. Our vets can guide you on the immediate steps to potentially offer a bridge prescription or advise on temporary measures. With our seamless prescription process, we ensure your pet's continuous medication regimen is a top priority. 

Dutch pets get treatment for:

At Dutch, our commitment is to provide the best for your furry friends, bridging the gap between top-tier veterinary services and the convenience of telemedicine. Here's an overview of some of the treatments and services we offer:


Address your pet's allergic reactions with vet-recommended solutions to ease pain and discomfort.


Obtain personalized solutions and approaches to ease canine anxiety and mitigate disruptive behaviors.

Ear infections

Acquire potent care strategies for ear infections, offering fast relief from symptoms like itchiness and odor.

Flea and tick protection

Safeguard your furry friend from potential infestations with our modern flea and tick defense measures.

Digestive concerns

Tackle conditions like upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Diet & nutrition

Get specialized advice on nutrition for cats and dogs.